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bolin wanted

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asami soto wanted final

I struggled with letting Asami smile in her mugshot or not, or whether I should try to make her seductive in her mugshot given how much of a bombshell she’s meant to be.  Ultimately, I went with a serious shot because I pictured if Asami did have to get arrested (which is true in her canon mugshot), she would be very upset and serious about it.  Ta-da, serious Asami.  I’m obviously going to finish Bolin and I might do Kai, Tenzin, and maybe Bumi.

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mako wanted final

The wanted posters continue with Mako’s wanted poster.  It’s not nearly as detailed as Korra because Mako’s wanted poster was very obscured and difficult to view.  So I took a generic picture of Mako and modified it slightly to match the wanted poster.  I added the gritted teeth because I think it fit Mako’s attitude as well as Korra’s general tone did.  I think I’m trapped with doing the final 2, plus I accepted a request to do a profile of Roger Sterling, so Black Carnival is taking (another) break right now as I do some of this fan art.

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Avatar the Last Airbender was definitely one of the best animated series out there.  The Legend of Korra took a leap of faith by taking a time skip of about 60+ years to see the repercussions of Avatar Aang and his friends’ actions.  Though the Legend of Korra was definitely a great series, I couldn’t help but miss the old Team Avatar.  Aang’s playful nature, Toph’s bad-girl antics, and Sokka’s comic relief were all things to be missed.  Even their faces.  We were lucky to get some flashbacks through Korra’s eyes to see how they were and even their voices.  But we never got a look at Zuko or Katara at that age.  So at Comic Con Nickelodeon released this awesome image of Team Avatar in full color all grown up.  The image brings a large wave of nostalgia and I totally wish they could create an entire series revolving around them.

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Another week on Banana Scoop.  What’ve we got cooked up this week huh?  Anything special?  As you all have heard, we do Maintenance Reports every other week, so since last week was a regular article, there’ll be a report this week telling you all about some new stuff we got coming along.  In addition to that, read on below to see what all the buzz is.

Star Wars Parody Songs

Star Wars will always be a pop culture homing beacon.  You can find anything popular today and I guarantee it’s been Star War-ized for parody in some universe.   Let’s just say we’ve got more than one music video scheduled this week.

A Dance With Dragons Book Review

995 pages, tiny ass text, and practically zero spacing later,  I’ve finally finished Dance with Dragons.  As I finished Dance with Dragons, I joined millions of other avid fans who await, await, await the sixth book.  This week will feature my review on the book [and possibly the Song of Ice and Fire series so far].  Until then, write George R. R. Martin, write!

The Creeper is Simply a Misunderstood Creature

You’re all familiar with my brush with Minecraft.  The game’s signature enemy has something deeper to it.  Maybe it doesn’t like the fact you’ve decided to stroll into his world and dig/cut/mine your way through his home.  Maybe sacrificing himself is the only way to truly get you to leave.  Maybe you’re actually the bad guy in this scenario.  Stay tuned to find out.

Katie Holmes is Still Attractive and Now Single!

So yeah, there’s been a very popular spit up between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.  Which mean’s Katie Holmes is back on the market.  She’s always been the most adorable kind of cute and sexy and this week, we just might celebrate that 😉

American TV is the Best

This is just the truth.  We have the best dramas, best networks, and best comedies.  Find out why [in a satirical manner] later this week..

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Oh my goodness, I aboslutely love this.  There are two references here: Portal and Legend of Korra.  This is from one of the first episodes of Legend of Korra where Chief Beifong allows Korra to leave her prison cell, but not without leaving a message.  And as Korra leaves, she fires a message right back.  The genius is replacing the body art with skins from the portal series.  Korra has become Chell and Chief Beifong as Glados.

What’s so great about this is because this interplay between the two characters from Legend of Korra resonate fairly well with the characters from Portal.  The adorable [yet slightly weird] relationship between Chell and Glados is exactly how Korra treats Chief Beifong.  I wish I could credit someone for something so great, but in all honesty, it’s so hard to find sources to unmarked GIFS such as these.  If anyone knows please enlighten me.

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This past weekend Nickelodeon wrapped up The Legend of Korra Season 1 in an explosive fashion. I’ve talked about it before and how awesome the set up has been. The finale featured two episodes, Skeletons in then Closet and Endgame, and they wrapped up all the build up from the ten episode set up. There weren’t many spine tingling moments in these ten episodes, as compared to the Avatar: The Last Airbender, which usually had me goosebumping, but the last two episodes had its fair share of epic moments.

With excellent character development, beautiful animation and music, and enough hints to the previous series mythlore, the Legend of Korra season finale puts another big hole in my heart as I have to wait an entire another year before we can see anything from this again. I relate it to my experience with Game of Thrones, where I had to fulfill my fix by beginning the book series. But there are no book series for this. So this post won’t be the last we hear of this series, as I’ll try to keep the spirit alive and try to find as many pieces of Legend of Korra related pop culture over the next few weeks.

Read below to get my opinion and feelings on the season finale. SERIOUS SPOILERS BELOW


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I recently just crushed the 3 seasons of Avatar: the Last Airbender and I seriously got hyped up on how such a good show it was. The show was just so good that I had to honor it. I decided to honor it with a gallery of its title character. I went to Deviant art and chose the 15 best photos. I normally try to honor the artists, but it simply takes way to long to do this. I encourage you instead to check out the artists themselves. Below is the gallery.


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I am a tremendous Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon fan.  The series was more than just a children’s television show with its adult themes and tribute to Chinese culture.  And with likable characters, beautiful animation scenes, and a very intricate and engaging story, its was impossible to not enjoy the three season run of the original series.  The story follows the story of a young boy, Aang, who’s destined to be the Avatar, peace keeper of the world, by mastering the four elements: wind, water, earth, and fire.  He unfortunately can barely escape his own adolescence and must employ the help of his friends to find his way. I redirect you to the wikipedia article if you’d like further backstory.  The series had its closure and marked the end of an amazing show.

But with its immense popularity, Nickelodeon had obvious plans for a sequel series.  The question at hand would be if it would feature its same characters as older and more developed, or if it would focus on another Avatar, before or after Avatar Aang’s time.  In all honesty, the safer route would be  to use the same characters already developed and safely liked by audiences and put them in another time to go through more shenanigans.  So when Nickelodeon announced that it would take place nearly 100 years after the first series, it was an ambitious move that would have to deal with introducing a familiar setting with completely different characters.  Naturally there would be a wave of a devout fans that’re watching every move, making sure they don’t screw up the beloved series.  And as a devout fan myself, I have to tip my hats off, because The Legend of Korra is shaping up to be a more complex, more mature, and even more beautiful series than The Last Airbender ever was.  Read below on my impressions of the show so far.

Watch the Entire Series so Far in [relative] HD here


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