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This is a perfect time to post this kind of thing considering the major election of 2012 is coming up in a couple of months.  What we have here is a series of political attack ads, as seen on the ones on television with corny pictures, enunciated sentences and harsh personal statements that attack other potential candidates.  We have all the major players here, Robb Stark, Joffrey Baratheon, and Daenerys Targaryen.  I loved the ploys used like the Birth Certificate and other things.  Check out the other two below.



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A Dance with Dragons was published in 2011.  That means it’ll be at least 3 years later in2014 before we see Winds of Winter.  Or so he claims.  It’s not like he’s getting any younger either…or thinner.  I usually don’t judge people for their lifestyle choices or general appearances, but when this series is at stake, it’s another thing entirely.  We’ve featured a fan made music video, one about Baratheons sung to the tune of Black and Yellow, but this one isn’t so much a parody, but a fully original song [I’m horribly at music, it could be a parody of something].  The message is simple: George R.R. Martin needs to write quicker for the sake of his fans.  The video itself is humorous, and decently choreographed at some parts with some good ‘ol slapstick.

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As soon as I finished A Dance with Dragons, I didn’t fear entering the once Bane of My Existence, A Wiki of Ice and Fire.  Being a sinkhole of summaries and spoilers, I couldn’t stand the idea of venturing into such dangerous territory.  So as I was clicking through the various pages, I stumbled upon a theories page which came up with interesting articles that included evidence for and against popular theories in the Song of Ice and Fire community.  Some of them were more obvious than others, but a couple certainly took me by surprise and I find myself having hard time NOT believing these are actually true based on the evidence.  MAJOR BOOK SPOILERS below, so enter at own risk.


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Seven save us all, I’ve finished A Dance with Dragons.  In the most recent installment of George R.R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons intimidates us all with it’s 900+ pages and tiny text.  But if you’ve made it as far as the fifth book, you know as well as I do, a larger book means more things happening.  My first impression was that this book was just as large as my favorite book of the series, A Storm of Swords, so that means that this edition could possibly live up to the exciting and jaw dropping nature of it’s predecessor.  Following up the relatively short [in terms of ASoIaF] Feast of Crows, A Dance with Dragons brings us back to some more central characters [and more exciting in my humble opinion] as a follow up from the third book.

Even Martin said himself in a forward to the book that A Dance with Dragons first takes us back to the aftermath of A Storm of Swords to follow up some characters left out of Feast for Crows.  And at about ¾ of the way in, we would come back to characters that were left in a cliffhanger from Feast for Crows and the story would be in a unison real time.  So below is my review of the book as a whole.  It was difficult to organize in my head given the complexity of the nature, so hang on for a bumping ride.  Enough of the spoiler-free talk.  Dare to click ‘more’ for a full blown, spoiler filled, gush fest review of the most recent Song of Ice and Fire book.


In George R.R. Martin’s words, “This one was a bitch”.  Writing a review for this complex book is not easy.  So many things to consider and so many things to talk about.  I’ve essentially broken up this section into parts describing the main characters based on their point of views.  Some titles I took directly from Martin himself while others, I witfully fashioned myself.  In each section, you’ll find a brief summary of what happened to each character as well as my thoughts on what happened.  Feel more than free to discuss with me on some or all points!  I look forward to our geek-out.

I apologize for this article is likely full of spelling errors and the like.  4500 words is easy to lose track.


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Another week on Banana Scoop.  What’ve we got cooked up this week huh?  Anything special?  As you all have heard, we do Maintenance Reports every other week, so since last week was a regular article, there’ll be a report this week telling you all about some new stuff we got coming along.  In addition to that, read on below to see what all the buzz is.

Star Wars Parody Songs

Star Wars will always be a pop culture homing beacon.  You can find anything popular today and I guarantee it’s been Star War-ized for parody in some universe.   Let’s just say we’ve got more than one music video scheduled this week.

A Dance With Dragons Book Review

995 pages, tiny ass text, and practically zero spacing later,  I’ve finally finished Dance with Dragons.  As I finished Dance with Dragons, I joined millions of other avid fans who await, await, await the sixth book.  This week will feature my review on the book [and possibly the Song of Ice and Fire series so far].  Until then, write George R. R. Martin, write!

The Creeper is Simply a Misunderstood Creature

You’re all familiar with my brush with Minecraft.  The game’s signature enemy has something deeper to it.  Maybe it doesn’t like the fact you’ve decided to stroll into his world and dig/cut/mine your way through his home.  Maybe sacrificing himself is the only way to truly get you to leave.  Maybe you’re actually the bad guy in this scenario.  Stay tuned to find out.

Katie Holmes is Still Attractive and Now Single!

So yeah, there’s been a very popular spit up between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.  Which mean’s Katie Holmes is back on the market.  She’s always been the most adorable kind of cute and sexy and this week, we just might celebrate that 😉

American TV is the Best

This is just the truth.  We have the best dramas, best networks, and best comedies.  Find out why [in a satirical manner] later this week..

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