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So Katie Holmes is single again.  She might be a mother, but she’s still as adorable as she was before she wed Tom Cruise.  Over the past years, she’s modeled a couple of times and flaunted her adorable self.  The years have treated her well and she’s come a long way since Dawson’s Creek.  Heavy.com has compiled a large gallery of Katie Holmes’s sexiest pictures.  Click the link below and check out the gallery yourself.  Just be sure to wipe the drool off your face when you’re done.

The Best Katie Holmes Pictures

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Another week on Banana Scoop.  What’ve we got cooked up this week huh?  Anything special?  As you all have heard, we do Maintenance Reports every other week, so since last week was a regular article, there’ll be a report this week telling you all about some new stuff we got coming along.  In addition to that, read on below to see what all the buzz is.

Star Wars Parody Songs

Star Wars will always be a pop culture homing beacon.  You can find anything popular today and I guarantee it’s been Star War-ized for parody in some universe.   Let’s just say we’ve got more than one music video scheduled this week.

A Dance With Dragons Book Review

995 pages, tiny ass text, and practically zero spacing later,  I’ve finally finished Dance with Dragons.  As I finished Dance with Dragons, I joined millions of other avid fans who await, await, await the sixth book.  This week will feature my review on the book [and possibly the Song of Ice and Fire series so far].  Until then, write George R. R. Martin, write!

The Creeper is Simply a Misunderstood Creature

You’re all familiar with my brush with Minecraft.  The game’s signature enemy has something deeper to it.  Maybe it doesn’t like the fact you’ve decided to stroll into his world and dig/cut/mine your way through his home.  Maybe sacrificing himself is the only way to truly get you to leave.  Maybe you’re actually the bad guy in this scenario.  Stay tuned to find out.

Katie Holmes is Still Attractive and Now Single!

So yeah, there’s been a very popular spit up between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.  Which mean’s Katie Holmes is back on the market.  She’s always been the most adorable kind of cute and sexy and this week, we just might celebrate that 😉

American TV is the Best

This is just the truth.  We have the best dramas, best networks, and best comedies.  Find out why [in a satirical manner] later this week..

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We’re not really a gossip type here at Banana Scoop [we like to think we deliver REAL news, lol], but every once in a while, the usually horrible articles at MSN and Yahoo! catch my attention.  While they’re not too incredibly in depth and too often include celebrities I don’t care about [anyone with the name Bieber or Kardashian], I did find this article from MSN neat about how it compiles the heights of some famous celebrities.  I usually dig random celebrity facts and this is no different.  Sure the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ones are obvious, but seeing some others like Mr. Bourdain here was pretty interesting.  Check out the article by clicking the link below.

Tallness in Celebrities

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So apparently we live in a close enough future where point a light at someone will cause them to puke.  Or where jetpacks might actually be considered as forms of travel.  It’s amazing how some movies can predict what the future might hold.  Who knows what young kids will watch in terms of futuristic movies and will later innovate.  One perfect example of a movie is Minority Report.  Every day we’re moving closer to their awesome touch screens and sound guns.   Check out this article about which tools from the movie are actual tools in real life.

Minority Report Predicts the Future [Literally]

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