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I am a tremendous Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon fan.  The series was more than just a children’s television show with its adult themes and tribute to Chinese culture.  And with likable characters, beautiful animation scenes, and a very intricate and engaging story, its was impossible to not enjoy the three season run of the original series.  The story follows the story of a young boy, Aang, who’s destined to be the Avatar, peace keeper of the world, by mastering the four elements: wind, water, earth, and fire.  He unfortunately can barely escape his own adolescence and must employ the help of his friends to find his way. I redirect you to the wikipedia article if you’d like further backstory.  The series had its closure and marked the end of an amazing show.

But with its immense popularity, Nickelodeon had obvious plans for a sequel series.  The question at hand would be if it would feature its same characters as older and more developed, or if it would focus on another Avatar, before or after Avatar Aang’s time.  In all honesty, the safer route would be  to use the same characters already developed and safely liked by audiences and put them in another time to go through more shenanigans.  So when Nickelodeon announced that it would take place nearly 100 years after the first series, it was an ambitious move that would have to deal with introducing a familiar setting with completely different characters.  Naturally there would be a wave of a devout fans that’re watching every move, making sure they don’t screw up the beloved series.  And as a devout fan myself, I have to tip my hats off, because The Legend of Korra is shaping up to be a more complex, more mature, and even more beautiful series than The Last Airbender ever was.  Read below on my impressions of the show so far.

Watch the Entire Series so Far in [relative] HD here


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