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Did you ever want to know what would happen to Batman when he would inevitably become aged?  In Frank Miller’s non-canonical but still incredibly relevant, “The Dark Knight Returns”,  follows Batman in his golden years, 10 years after retirement.  As Gotham is still in the dark shadows, a new generation of criminals who do not know fear try to take over Gotham.  Only so long can the Dark Knight sit idly as he watches the city he gave half of his life to burns.  But he isn’t the only one watching Gotham…When he inevitably comes back, an old foe’s spark is reignited to return as well.

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LOL, Bruce Wayne might have pulled a dick move here, but he’s pretty right when it comes to telling Lucius Fox off like this.  Essentially what’s happening is that Bruce Wayne is talking about how Lucius destroyed a honing device using cell phones that could’ve been used to find any person based on their voice.  Seeing as how Bane is heard over intercoms and with plenty of sound bites from his football field gig, they possibly could’ve found Bane when they had so much trouble.  Of course, Bruce is gonna be an ass about it.  And it’s hilarious.

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We’ve featured Badman before when he faced the Riddler in the face off of the century.  College Humor and Frontpage films have made another one where he takes on Scarecrow.  Scarecrow’s primary defense is his ability to use fear as a weapon.  So when he tries to find out what Batman fears most…well let’s just say he’s in for a surprise.  The video is hilarious and even has a celebrity cameo!  I want more.  With Freeze, Ivy, Catwoman, the whole shebang.

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