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This summer was an enormous superhero release time with big players like The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises.  Hitfix decided to compile the best of the best in gallery form.  You’ll get your traditional stuff like The Dark Knight and Incredibles, but they leave out some of my favorites and include even one I didn’t recognize.  Rocketeer?  Never heard of ya’.

Greatest Hero Movies

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I love superhero movies.  Everyone loves a great super hero movie.  The classic good vs. evil story line that include great fight sequences with inspiring stories about a character rising up against conflict and succeeding.  They’re almost inspiring enough to make the regular audience think, ‘I could do that, I could fight evil, and protect the citizens.  Why not me?’  Or maybe that’s just me.  I’ve always believed being a superhero couldn’t be that hard.  Dressing up, having an arch enemy, and overcoming evil.  Now I’ve never actually tried to be a superhero[except maybe once when I tried to make my own superhero movie when I was 15, but that’s a story for another time], but Hollywood has a couple of interpretations of what would happen if regular folk tried to become superheroes.  Hit the jump for when Hollywood took a crack at when regular people become Super Heroes.  Spoilers Beware.


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