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It’s almost Halloween and it’s a season of horror movies and scaring each other.  That means a whole mess of movie news are coming in and lists are being created out the wazoo to entertain the curious.  So I’ve compiled some of the internet’s best on Movie news to entertain you guys so far.  Meanwhile, in all the horror movie madness, I’m trying to jump on the American Horror Story FX bandwagon to see if that’s any good.  You guys have any opinions?

The Best Horror Movies in the past 10 Years on Unreality

Non-scary Halloween Movies on buzzsugar

RT Horror Countdown on Rottentomatoes

The Music in Horror Movies on Ossuary

The 10 Best Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen on Unreality

Horror Films that Scar Children on UGO

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A look back on Robert Downey Jr.’s career on LATimes

Hollywood’s Lack of Ideas: Good or Bad? on NPR

Become a Silent Film Master on Empire Online

5 Princesses Too Badass for Disney to Make a Story about on Cracked

26 Movies from the Villain’s Point of View on Cracked

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80s Remakes not to Mess with on HitFix

Spy Spoofs on Rottentomatoes

Transformers 4+5 in the Works with a New Lead on Screen Rant

Mark Wahlberg and David O’Russell No Longer Friends on FilmDrunk

Worse Movie Accents on UGO

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Marvel’s ambitious and star powered movie, The Avengers, released it’s first trailer this week.  The film include Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremey Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson.  Directed by Joss Whedon [Firefly, Buffy], I have high hopes for this.  Usually when movies are stuffed with too many stars, some can compete for the spotlight, and with this being an action movie, it’s easy for the writing to take the backseat.  By no means will this movie be a flop, what’s questionable is whether or not it will be any good.  Anywho, watch the trailer above and hit the links for more info on the Avengers.

Awesome art of the Avengers on Deviantart

Entertainment Weekly on the Avengers on EW

A Decent Opinion on The Avengers on Guardian

Ripe Bananas

100 Awesome British Films on Empire

Kick-Ass comes to life on FilmDrunk

Chilling Javier Bardem is new Bond Villain on ABCnews

Pop Culture Costumes for Girls on Buzzsugar

The Best TV Marriage Proposals on FilmDrunk

Allison Brie is Adorable on WarmingGlow

If Disney Did Adult Films on Cracked

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What Titanic 3D Shows Us on Moviefone

TV Winners and Losers on NPR

6 Rules for Every Actor on Economist

Young at Heart Movies on Moviefone

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Top Banana: Arrested Development coming back for a mini season AND a movie

When I read this article, I literally, in the word of the infamous analrapist [an analyzing therapist] Tobias Funke, ‘blue myself’.  In terms of comedy and wit, there isn’t a show more clever or funny than Mike Hurwitz’s Arrested Development, which ran from 2003-2006.  After 3 years, the show has developed a largely dedicated fanbase all protesting for a resurrection of the show or a movie.  And for the past few years, all actors from the show including: Jason Bateman, Will Arnet, Jeffrey Tambor have all claimed ‘a movie is in the works, and the script is being written’ that revealed very little on the actual progress of a movie being made.  So you can tell the internet rejoiced when Mike Hurwitz announced that not only were we getting a movie, but we’re getting a miniature season BEFORE the movie.  A season AND a movie!?!!?  It’s only a dream that can come true and it’s actually the smartest thing they could’ve done seeing as making a movie out of the blue probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.  From articles I’ve read, the miniature season, consisting of about 9 to 10 episodes will focus on one character each that gives off a ‘where are they now’ vibe that will lead up to the movie.  Start getting excited.  2013 has something looking forward to.

Jason Bateman confirms on Twitter

Get the full article on Huffington Post

Awesome Arrested Development Art on Deviant Art

Stream Arrested Development on Hulu

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New Stills released for Whedon’s Avengers on IMDB

New Trailer for Spielberg’s War Horse on IMDB

Hugh Jackman’s RT Best Hits on Rottentomatoes

TV shows that would be better with Dinosaurs on Unrealitymag

Cliche Moments in Movies explained by Signs on Cracked

Extended Sex Scene from Bridesmaids not as funny as it should be… on FunnyorDie

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First look at Disney’s Snow White…at least one of them on Collider

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe trailer on Yahoo!

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Top Banana – Alan Tudyk is awesome

If you’ve seen Firely Alan Tudyk is most easily recognized as Walsh, the quirky pilot.  In nearly every movie he is in, he usually plays a likable quirkly fellow.  Hands down one of the best parts of a movie as horrible as Transformers: Dark of the Moon was Tudyk.  And with memorable roles in Dollhouse, Death at a Funeral, and Sunny’s voice in I, Robot, it’s hard to dislike him.  Anyways, if you don’t know who he is, educate yourself because he’s got a new movie Tucker and Dale vs. Evil which according to critics, is actually quite good.

Empire – Tudyk interview

IMDB – Alan Tudyk

RT – Tudyk’s favorite films

Ripe Bananas

ifc – Women saying memorable movie quites

RT – Weekend Critic Consensus – 50/50 is good

Time – Memorable Haunted House Movies

Hulu – Melissa Mccarthy is hosting SNL

Steve Martin – Steve Martin’s hilarious letter to Eddie Murphy on Oscar advice

Bruised Bananas

Buzz Sugar – Anne Hathaway in a catsuit doesn’t top Pfeiffer’s

ifc – Movies that should be rereleased in 3D do not impress

AV Club – Movies that justify 3D

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Whoops, I guess I fell a little behind on the banana tree.  Please accept this Saturday Banana Tree instead.

The Underworld Series isn’t the biggest nor is it the best franchise out there.  The first one was okay.  The second one was okay.  The third one was pretty bad.  So the expectations of this one can’t be too good.  But something about the lovable Kate Beckinsale in a spandex leotard just screams ‘Top Banana’ in my head, so here we are.  Whether or not this is a smelly byproduct of this generation’s vampire craze, I still find this franchise cool, mindless with the just right dose of macabre fun.  So here’s a bunch of links that link to the Underworld universe

[EW] Underworld: Awakening Trailer

[DeviantArt] Selene and Underworld art

[wikia] Underworld wiki

Ripe Bananas

[deadline] Ridley Scott directing new Blade Runner Movie

[cracked] 5 Movie Characters Unqualified for their Job

[youtube] 25 awesome improvisions

[gothamist] Highlights of the Big Lebowski Reunioned scenes in movies

Bruised Bananas

[huffingtonpost] I’ve only seen about 4 of these 13 underappreciated comedies

[rottentomatoes] haunted real estate in movies

[Time] 10 shirtless movies

[rottentomatoes] Critics Consensus on this weekends box office.

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There was nothing too big in the news today in terms of the entertainment industry.  So I couldn’t come up with a powerful enough top banana or enough links to really support any story.  Call it my laziness, but I still compiled a pretty sweet list of other awesome news.  Be back next week when I have more stuff to say.  Have a nice weekend :).

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[Cracked] 6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome

[IMDB] JT’s acting career moves to action

[Moviefone] Paul Rudd pisses off major producer Harvey Weinstein

[IFC] 25 Movie Pep Talks

[College Humor] RPG Game of Thrones (NSFW)

[Total Film] 30 of the Hottest Rising Stars

[YouTube] A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

[IMDB] Jonah Hill looks hilarious in The Sitter

Bruised Bananas

[FilmDrunk] Michael Bay ALWAYS uses the same shot

[Rottentomatoes] Bumbling Crime Idiots

[Yahoo!] Anne Hathaway defends her ‘meh’ of a catsuit

[WarmingGlow] Dane Cook finally confronts Louis C.K. after being accused of stealing jokes

[Youtube] Voldemort get’s awkward with Draco, HPatDH Part 2 Uncut scene

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Top News

This will not be the last time The Dark Knight Rises will be the Top Banana.  So I should’ve done a Harry Potter one then?  Nah, the world is covering Harry Potter enough, you don’t need my pathetic links anyhow.  But back to the main scoop, because Harry Potter isn’t the only thing making waves in the water.  The Dark Knight Rises is making headlines this weekend with rumors of having the trailer being released with Harry Potter’s wide release.  Earlier this week, we also got our first official image poster posted above.  So I’ve compiled a couple of links of some other Dark Knight Rises news along with a leaked and possibly faked trailer.  POTENTIAL SPOILERS.  Check them out below.

[huffington post] The first official Bane image

[Facebook] Very bad quality TEASER.  it’s still worth watching

[cinemaspy] Liam Neeson rejoins the cast as Ra’s?  Oh Hell yes.

[moviehold] Ra’s al Ghul is ressurected in the comics via the ‘Lazarus Pit’.  Is this set piece in India a signal of Ra’s’s(?) resurrection?

[ontheflix] See the new Batmobile on set

Ripe Bananas

[slashfilm] EW releases more ‘Amazing Spiderman’ Pics

[Rotten Tomatoes] Weekend Box Office Critics Consensus: Harry Potter is awesome, but check out the other stuff too.

[hitflix] Sequel Wish List

[IMDB] Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows first trailer

[moviesblog] Dwarves galore in Hobbit photos

Bruised Bananas

[Emmys] Emmy nominations don’t have a trace of Community…Here’s the full list of nominations

[IMDB] Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill is screaming Eddie Murphy’s final attempts at humor.  One failed and one is destined to follow

[buzzsugar] Harry Potter could’ve had a couple of different faces on them

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Warning Spoiler Alert!  I originally had a more spoilerific picture with Danny and her new dragons at her side, but I guess I had to preserve the innocence of the uninvolved. HBO’s Game of Thrones is a televised version of the acclaimed book: A Game of Thrones.  In the beginning, we were introduced with a slew of numerous characters, one could only wonder how they could keep audiences coming back for more each weekend.  But they pulled it off by keeping us shocked and on our toes.  With the death of major characters occurring in nearly every episode and with a finale made unforgettable by hair raising suspense and great story telling, it’s a shame I have to wait nearly nine months until Season 2.  If you don’t have HBO and are unable to watch this miraculous book come to life, it’s a shame and you should reconsider your cable options…Or at least find some website where they’re streaming it.  It’s that much worth it.

[Inside TV] The Original Spoiler Picture

[Air Lock Alpha] Fire and Blood Episode Review

[HBO] A Game of Thrones Homepage

Ripe Bananas

[IMDB] 30 Minutes of Less Trailer still looks hilarious

[Entertainment Weekly] 3 New Hobbit Photos

[Cracked] Scary Moments from our Childhood Movies

[Time] Ten Very Quotable Movies

[Yahoo!] Awesome Captain America Trailer

Bruised Bananas

[Rotten Tomatoes] Weekend Movie Critical Concensus: Cars 2 and Bad Teacher Underwhelm

[Movie Fone] Ugly Movie Villains brought to the Big Screen

[Yahoo!] Chris Evans Originally Turned Down Captain America

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