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The workplace comedy.  It’s funny how work place comedies entertain us through something that we’re supposed to be confronting with everyday.  For those who don’t know what the workplace comedy is, it’s like a movie or television show that is primarily set in a single business and follows the antics of its employees, using jokes that are relatable to anyone in a similar situation [queue the entire workforce].  The comedy is written around office norms and situations and the antics that can occur.  While some movies and television can be solid escapism, workplace comedy juggernauts like Clerks, Office Space, The Office, etc. can certainly point out some of the funnier aspects in what many of us consider mundane.

Queue the most recent workplace comedy I’ve been fortunate enough to watch: Starz’s Party Down, starring Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, and Ken Marino.  This show aired in 2009 and was cancelled after 2 seasons.  There have been talks about a movie release, but it doesn’t seem enough gas is on the burner, so I’m writing this article to maybe get 1 or 2 of you involved with watching to increase the cult following.  Set is California, the comedy revolves around a party catering company that primarily consists of failed/working actors using the catering company Party Down as a means of making money before finally making it big.  Self-centered, lazy, horny, ignorant and [often] drugged up, the Pardy Down crew ‘caters’ to a myriad of hilariously great situations that involve brushing with a Russian Mob, a Porn Star Dinner, and an orgy.  Read more as to why I recommend you become a follower of this cult hit [more cult followers = more likely chance of a movie getting made, just look at what Arrested Development accomplished].



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Hey-Oh, what’s up!?  Another update on how we’re progressing here on Banana Scoop with a couple of new details on what we’ll be working on for the next week or so.  It’s primarily art announcements where I’m talking about some new icons and pictures I want to replace here and there.  The biggest story of the week is how we recently reached 100,000 views overall which is a big deal for a small blog like ourselves.  Check out the full update below!

An Incredible Marker, our 100,000th Hit

Banana Scoop has some fantastic news to share with you all!  It has received over 100,000 hits in total since it’s first conception!  We’re incredibly blessed and over the year ago I started this blog, there have been a combination of both good and bad times.  The older times where, I was all alone with deadlines all over the place and the good times where I was fortunate enough to be Freshly Pressed, twice.


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