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He’s absolutely more known for the Avengers, but let’s take another step back into something he’s done in the past. No, not Dollhouse, that weird prostitute show that starred the sexy Eliza Dushku. No not Buffy: The Vampire Slayer that pre-Twilight vampire crazed show that starred the sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar. But right inbetween there: Firefly. And that’s today’s awesome mash up that combines two of Joss Whedons ultimate babies. I’ve posted before what was already missing from the Avengers, and this is also very relevant.

In Firefly related news, I heard they had a panel and the San Diego Comic Con, where he teared up at the many fans who showed up. Dammit, what I’d give to get that show back on the air. For nostalgia sake, the original opening is below.


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