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I love watching something, seeing a familiar actor from a certain television show or movie, and then yelling, “hey it’s [insert characters name] from [insert television]!”  In this case, I guess this happened a couple of years ago when I first saw Firefly.  One of the flashbacks roll around regarding a young version of Simon and River Tam at their household.  When I saw Zac Efron, all I could see was a young Troy Bolton being conflicted with his choice about doing sports or singing songs rather than the difficult decisions he’s going to go through to saving his sister from the government.  I guess it turned out okay for both of them in the end.  Simon Tam ended up saving his sister and ‘boning’ Kaylee, the mechanic, and Zac Efron went on to do Hairspray and that reverse gender/plot 13 going on 30.

Happy endings for all.


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