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From Uproxx

In the years following the original Arrested Development run comedy nerds — yours truly included — have been going out of their way to point out to anyone who will listen just how brilliant the show is/was. One common way of going about that on the internet is the good ole easter eggs/buried joke/running gag/layered bit list. They’re everywhere. You can get lost for days in the AD Wikia. Even earlier this week our friends at Splitsider put together quite the comprehensive guide to buried jokes that is a must check out for anyone already nervous about their Instant streaming quality come 2013.

And now with David Cross telling Rolling Stone that what Mitch Hurwitz is doing with the revival of the show is so “layered” that it “makes Lost look like a Spalding Grey monologue” I officially have to get in on the action. But I’m not looking to put together a thesis, just an easily digestible crash course to the subtle, layered jokes that anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Bluths should be aware of going into their much-anticipated return.

Arrested Development Trivia Gems

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Not from actual set, duh

From Uproxx

What do they tell us? They tell us that Portia de Rossi and David Cross — who play husband and wife, Lindsay and Tobias Funke — are at the airport, collecting their luggage, and that Michael Bluth is picking them up. Also, that Tobias looks like he’s doing an E.T. impression and Lindsay is still totally bangin’ in the high heels and jeans. Or maybe David Cross and Portia de Rossi are simply flying in from somewhere, and Jason Bateman is picking them up so they can continue to discuss how they’re in cahoots with Nikki Finke and messing with all of America by making up this entire movie.

Key words are Portia de Rossi is still banging, even at age 39.  Anyone else pumped for Arrested Development?  I’ve recently begun watching it again.

Portia De Rossi is Still Kicking It

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I love this list.  This list compiles some very ugly characters on televisions and takes a look at their real life actress portrayals.  We’ve featured one of the players on this list, Thesy Surface.  You’ll also see Crazy Kitty from Arrested Development, Bird-like Dee Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We absolutely love showcasing attractive women here, so be sure to hit the link and see the prettier sides of actresses.

10 TV Ugly but Real Life Pretty Actresses

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Netflix has gloriously taken it upon themselves to broadcast the new mini season of Arrested Development.  This begs the questions: why on Earth don’t all people cut the middle men and skip network programming altogether.  We’re moving into an age, where [at least in my opinion] television is largely watched through our computers.  How convinient all that would be!  Anywho, back to this post, following Arrested Development, The Street compiled 10 canceled television shows that should be revived in the same manner as Arrested Development.  Some got their due [like Firefly above], but not everyone is always happy.

Series Netflix Should Revive

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Normally this would fit into a single image of 24 for the Weekend Funnies.  But seeing as it’s semi-movie related, I’ve decided to give it’s own slot to appreciate the hilarious portmanteau [definition here] created here.  It’s reminiscent of other portmanteaus I’ve seen in popular culture, which I’m augmented this post with.


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I recently just watched Peep World out of an interest in seeing Michael C. Hall outside of serial killer form.  First I’d like to say Hall doesn’t have too much range, because I still got a crazy, serial killer vibe from him as a regular house husband.  But seeing the rest of the cast, Rainn Wilson as a loser brother, Sarah Silverman as the bitchy sister, and what looks like John Ralfio from Parks and Recreation as the young ambitious brother that sold out his dysfunctional family’s dirty secrets for profit in the form of a book, it reminded me of other memorable dysfunctional families I’ve seen in movies and television.  Peep World had an interesting idea, but the Meyerwitz family wasn’t dysfunctional or colorful enough as it could’ve been.  Here’s 6 more dysfunctional families that makes me 10x more thankful for my own.  Spoilers below.


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Top Banana: Arrested Development coming back for a mini season AND a movie

When I read this article, I literally, in the word of the infamous analrapist [an analyzing therapist] Tobias Funke, ‘blue myself’.  In terms of comedy and wit, there isn’t a show more clever or funny than Mike Hurwitz’s Arrested Development, which ran from 2003-2006.  After 3 years, the show has developed a largely dedicated fanbase all protesting for a resurrection of the show or a movie.  And for the past few years, all actors from the show including: Jason Bateman, Will Arnet, Jeffrey Tambor have all claimed ‘a movie is in the works, and the script is being written’ that revealed very little on the actual progress of a movie being made.  So you can tell the internet rejoiced when Mike Hurwitz announced that not only were we getting a movie, but we’re getting a miniature season BEFORE the movie.  A season AND a movie!?!!?  It’s only a dream that can come true and it’s actually the smartest thing they could’ve done seeing as making a movie out of the blue probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.  From articles I’ve read, the miniature season, consisting of about 9 to 10 episodes will focus on one character each that gives off a ‘where are they now’ vibe that will lead up to the movie.  Start getting excited.  2013 has something looking forward to.

Jason Bateman confirms on Twitter

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