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…a lot of times, [movies] that you tell yourself you’ll check out one day, you totally forget about before they arrive on DVD. Unless someone prompts you, a friends goes on at length about how great a film is, or a particular pop-culture website harps on about the film every other day because it stars Ryan Gosling or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, there’s often no one around to remind you to check out that movie you said to yourself that you’d like to check out one day.

A List of Good Movies You Just Never Got Around to Watching

I’ve personally only seen 3/13 of these, and heard of only about half.  It’s true that they’ve been on my queue forever.  Do me better?  The ones I’ve seen below.


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This is a really cool link to Tecca who have compiled 10 awesome recut trailers to movies.  We’re not just talking about flipping a few words around or even a simple mash up here or there, these re-cuts completely change the genre.  Take for example, the Incredibles trailer I posted above, this trailer highlights the death of Dash and the effect it has had on the family.  The trailer is absolutely chilling and plays a horror movie so well that I would totally watch that movie.  “Do you know where he is?”

Seriously, check out that trailer and the rest of them at Tecca.  Don’t believe me?  The first one is turning the Shining into a family film.  Crazy right?

Top 10 Re-Cut Trailers

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So this has been a long time coming, but I never really mustered up the courage to play Amnesia until quite recently. It had been installed on my computer for a few months until I finally said “I can do this.” and just manned up. Anyway, I won’t really cover gameplay and the like since there isn’t much to talk about. I may gloss over it at some point to explain to the general public what this game is all about. For now, however, I’ll just cover the atmospheric and graphical content of this masterpiece of thriller/horror games. Without further ado, below is my review of Amnesia. (more…)

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As many of you know, I’ve recently taken Terra Nova off of my TV queue this fall.  So to fill its shoes, I’ve been heavily recommended that FX’s American Horror Story is a juicy and horrifying tale of a family in a cursed house.  The final push to start this series is when the latest Entertainment Weekly arrived when its two major characters and a man in a rubber suit were on the cover.  So after watching the first episode, I literally had my hand over my face the entire fifty minutes and nearly successfully shat my pants .  The show is graphic, tense, and even highly sexual, something that my TV queue is lacking [Dexter can only have so much blood, gore, and sex].  And I haven’t regretted starting it ever since.


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A couple of weeks ago, I did a post relating vampire movies worth your while.  I got a lot of support and feedback on that, so I turned to another monster genre that held it’s own for it’s success.  Zombie movies are generally a lot different from the general vampire movie.  While vampire movies are more based on the ideas of eternal love, the sexual aspect of blood sucking, and the drama of hiding from the light, zombie movies are more related to the strength of human kind in the face of Apocalypse and the bad-assery of killing as many zombies as possible.  Hit the jump for the list of awesome zombie movies.  I apologize for missing some, especially any really early zombie movies.


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Top Banana

It’s almost Halloween and it’s a season of horror movies and scaring each other.  That means a whole mess of movie news are coming in and lists are being created out the wazoo to entertain the curious.  So I’ve compiled some of the internet’s best on Movie news to entertain you guys so far.  Meanwhile, in all the horror movie madness, I’m trying to jump on the American Horror Story FX bandwagon to see if that’s any good.  You guys have any opinions?

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80s Remakes not to Mess with on HitFix

Spy Spoofs on Rottentomatoes

Transformers 4+5 in the Works with a New Lead on Screen Rant

Mark Wahlberg and David O’Russell No Longer Friends on FilmDrunk

Worse Movie Accents on UGO

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Today’s vampire craze is fueled primarily by Twilight and sparking men.  It’s a shame because the vampire genre is such a mysterious, sexual, and graphic subject that, when played right, can provide a moving and entertaining ride.  And some directors have taken advantage of that by creating vampire movies that are original, driving, and memorable.  So I’ve compiled for you a list of great vampire movies that I enjoyed.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch EVERY vampire movie out there, I already know I’m missing Nosferatu, DRACULA, Fright Night, and some selected others.   I know, shame on me.  But besides those, I can heavily recommend these.  Besides Halloween’s a great season to watch crappy horror movies anyways.


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