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I just saw this earlier today, and thought I’d share it with our lovely BananaScoop audience. This is a trailer for a movie titled ‘Movie 43’, featuring an awesome lineup of people. While I have reservations about movies that remind me too much of the ‘movie’ series, such as Date Movie, Scary Movie, etc., I just couldn’t help but giggle at some of the brash and somewhat offensive humor they used in the trailer alone. I may not go out to watch this movie when it finally releases, but I think I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on it in the mean time, especially after seeing Gerard Butler transformed into leprechaun.

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Sometimes you can’t help but notice and say, “Hey I’ve seen that guy in at least 3 other movies this year”.  I like to think for most actors that doing one year should be more than enough to pay off that year’s bills and still live in a luxurious sense.  But then I see some actors that do 2 or 3 movies in one year, I think to myself: not only are you loaded, but you must be absolutely exhausted.  How are they able to deliver such powerful performances when they’re doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling characters in one period of time.  Forget Daniel Day-Lewis [who takes years for him to get into character], get these peoples Oscars or some sort of award quickly, because they definitely deserve it for their versatility.  So below is a list of actors who did multiple movies in the same year and were able to deliver awesome performances in them.  Be sure to remind me of the many that I missed in the comments section below!


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Top Banana: Arrested Development coming back for a mini season AND a movie

When I read this article, I literally, in the word of the infamous analrapist [an analyzing therapist] Tobias Funke, ‘blue myself’.  In terms of comedy and wit, there isn’t a show more clever or funny than Mike Hurwitz’s Arrested Development, which ran from 2003-2006.  After 3 years, the show has developed a largely dedicated fanbase all protesting for a resurrection of the show or a movie.  And for the past few years, all actors from the show including: Jason Bateman, Will Arnet, Jeffrey Tambor have all claimed ‘a movie is in the works, and the script is being written’ that revealed very little on the actual progress of a movie being made.  So you can tell the internet rejoiced when Mike Hurwitz announced that not only were we getting a movie, but we’re getting a miniature season BEFORE the movie.  A season AND a movie!?!!?  It’s only a dream that can come true and it’s actually the smartest thing they could’ve done seeing as making a movie out of the blue probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.  From articles I’ve read, the miniature season, consisting of about 9 to 10 episodes will focus on one character each that gives off a ‘where are they now’ vibe that will lead up to the movie.  Start getting excited.  2013 has something looking forward to.

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