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Kick-Ass, a title you’ve only probably heard as a 2010 movie that relatively little people saw, revolved around a boy who wanted to become a superhero in everyday life.  The movie was based on a comic book written by Mark Millar (Wanted) and illustrated by John Romita, Jr.  Being a super geek myself, I’ve found myself in the same position that I wish I could be a superhero in real life.  Unfortunately this is not the type of comic book or movie to inspire you to do so.  Both tales are dark, one being significantly darker than the other, with cutting dialogue, violent page spreads, and snappy pop culture references.

Seeing as not many people have read or even seen the movie, I’ll keep this article light on the major spoilers.


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So I stumbled upon a rather interesting collection of artwork featuring famous animated characters re-imagined as zombies. While keeping most of their cartoon glory, they have been re-purposed with a rather sinister objective. They now exist solely to munch on your brains. While not all that scary, I found the artwork to be incredibly well done and very thematic in some places. For example, Buzz Lightyear lacking blood and having wiring instead or Master Chief seemingly infected by the flood parasites. It’s an incredibly interesting album worth checking out. Some of the characters are obviously named incorrectly as you’ll soon find out, but I won’t rag on the author of the article for his misdemeanor as I truly enjoyed the art.

Source: 25 Famous Characters Re-Imagined as Zombies

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This is a long time coming.  I’ve recently been getting more and more into books.  This truly started around my birthday in February when I bought all 5 existing Song of Ice and Fire novels and crushed 4/5 of them in about 4 months.  Now-a-days, I’ve been trying to finish the 5th book and I can’t stop but already get excited to start writing about it.  Then I realized that I don’t actually have a books section to put it in and putting it under ‘television’ where Game of Thrones technically exists wouldn’t seem right.  So instead, I’m creating a new category for the occasion.  Below, I’ve posted some other novels, comic books, and graphic novels that I’m also heavily interested in once I wrap up Game of Thrones.  I’ll be more than happy to take all of your recommendations!


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I’m a sucker for non-super superhero movies.  I loved Super and Mystery Men, and Kick-Ass is in the same league.  So it’s been announced that all three leads will be returning: Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass, Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist.  Collider has dug up an interview that has Aaron Johnson talking about what’s in store for Kick-Ass fans.  Otherwise, I’m also considering picking up the graphic novel.  Who can give me a recommendation if it’s any good or not?

Aaron Johnson Talked Kick-Ass 2

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Marvel’s ambitious and star powered movie, The Avengers, released it’s first trailer this week.  The film include Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremey Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson.  Directed by Joss Whedon [Firefly, Buffy], I have high hopes for this.  Usually when movies are stuffed with too many stars, some can compete for the spotlight, and with this being an action movie, it’s easy for the writing to take the backseat.  By no means will this movie be a flop, what’s questionable is whether or not it will be any good.  Anywho, watch the trailer above and hit the links for more info on the Avengers.

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I love superhero movies.  Everyone loves a great super hero movie.  The classic good vs. evil story line that include great fight sequences with inspiring stories about a character rising up against conflict and succeeding.  They’re almost inspiring enough to make the regular audience think, ‘I could do that, I could fight evil, and protect the citizens.  Why not me?’  Or maybe that’s just me.  I’ve always believed being a superhero couldn’t be that hard.  Dressing up, having an arch enemy, and overcoming evil.  Now I’ve never actually tried to be a superhero[except maybe once when I tried to make my own superhero movie when I was 15, but that’s a story for another time], but Hollywood has a couple of interpretations of what would happen if regular folk tried to become superheroes.  Hit the jump for when Hollywood took a crack at when regular people become Super Heroes.  Spoilers Beware.


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