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Smart actors play the same character in every movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger was savvy enough to find a performance that worked for him early in his career, and stick with it. But more skilled, show-off actors like to pretend to be different people in every single one of their movies. We asked you to show us what it might look like when those actors occasionally forget which person they’re pretending to be.

Actors Who are Very Confused in Which Role They’re Playing

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Obvious spoilers duh.  But I think it’s hilarious that I stumbled upon this video of Steve Buscemi’s onscreen deaths.  What is it with his face and persona that makes people want to kill him off so much lol.

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Top Banana

Whoops, I guess I fell a little behind on the banana tree.  Please accept this Saturday Banana Tree instead.

The Underworld Series isn’t the biggest nor is it the best franchise out there.  The first one was okay.  The second one was okay.  The third one was pretty bad.  So the expectations of this one can’t be too good.  But something about the lovable Kate Beckinsale in a spandex leotard just screams ‘Top Banana’ in my head, so here we are.  Whether or not this is a smelly byproduct of this generation’s vampire craze, I still find this franchise cool, mindless with the just right dose of macabre fun.  So here’s a bunch of links that link to the Underworld universe

[EW] Underworld: Awakening Trailer

[DeviantArt] Selene and Underworld art

[wikia] Underworld wiki

Ripe Bananas

[deadline] Ridley Scott directing new Blade Runner Movie

[cracked] 5 Movie Characters Unqualified for their Job

[youtube] 25 awesome improvisions

[gothamist] Highlights of the Big Lebowski Reunioned scenes in movies

Bruised Bananas

[huffingtonpost] I’ve only seen about 4 of these 13 underappreciated comedies

[rottentomatoes] haunted real estate in movies

[Time] 10 shirtless movies

[rottentomatoes] Critics Consensus on this weekends box office.

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