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Bill Hader is definitely my favorite SNL member.  He’s always absolutely hilarious and some of his characters are some of the most memorable in these seasons as of late.  However, he has been known as of late to break character with some of the more ridiculous stuff he’s been forced to say by the writers.  The Californians is a famous sketch for being absolutely disastrous besides the man we’re discussing.  Hader cracked the entire way during the live sketch, but that’s nothing to his complete comedic breakdown in this dress rehearsal.  Seriously, only watch about the first couple of minute because after that the show goes back to its crappy premise and Hader is no where to be seen.


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Mike O’Brien. For some reason the man is difficult to find a Wikipedia or IMDB page about him.  Apparently he’s a writer for SNL who’s been granted the good grace of spending 7 Minutes in Heaven with major players in the pop culture world.  In these 7 minutes, he asks them awkward questions, puts them in uncomfortable situations, makes them play entire scenarios in closet and in true 7 minutes in heaven fashion, he tries to kiss them at the end of the interview.  He’s had both major and minor people come in his closet and while not all of them are exactly 7 minutes, they’re definitely worth the watch.  Hit below to see a video playlist of my favorites [See the Paul Rudd One!!]

Here’s a Link to the Whole Playlist Starting from Episode 1


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I’ve only been marginally impressed with SNL this year.  Melissa McCarthy’s job as hosting provided the most laughs and very likely the season’s high so far.  There were a couple of people who tried their best to bring their A-game, enjoyable veterans like Steve Buscemi and Maya Rudolph provided solid, but slightly stale performances, there have been an extremely terrible show or two like the Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry episodes.  And it’s a shame because I have a confessed love for the idea and publication of this sketch comedy show, and I’d like to see it shine.  So in response, Warming Glow compiled a glorious list of fresh ideas for hosts that I believe would breathe a positive wind back into the relatively stale show.

7 Ideas for Fantastic SNL Hosts

Also, Sophia Vergara will be hosting this weekend.  So prepare for cleavage…cleavage.  I had nothing else to say.  That’s more than likely the reason I’ll be tuning in.


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Can this adorable, beautiful, hipster pull off comedy?  Sure she’s got the indie-weirdo down, but what about sketch comedy.  I personally don’t think so.  She should stick to what her typecast scripted shtick, but the SNL writers are gonna go in one of 2 directions.  Make the entire show fit her personality [which they should do every show, but not ever host is able to keep up with that], or stick her in copy and paste characters that make the actual castmates do their redundant and tired out sketches [black musicians by Kenan Thompson get very old, very fast].  I don’t think Deschanel’s ballsy enough to carry the weight.  But like with last week, I was fairly surprised at Channing Tatum’s effort, which makes me actually reconsider him as a meat head.  Too early to call, but based on the promo….well.  Gyah…

Facebook Promo

Hulu Preview

Maya Rudolph is hosting  February 18th

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I don’t know what to make of this.  I’ve personally seen probably none of his movies.  If I did, he was probably a supporting character or an extra.  The most I know about him was that he starred in some eagle movie that looked like Centurion and that he’s playing a male stripper.  I wouldn’t call him a household name, so his hosting SNL can bring one of two things: 1) he actually has comedic chops and took his job  as host seriously enough to actually put an effort.  2) Be a January Jones and deliver one of the worst episodes ever.  And judging by his promo with the loathesome Fred Armisen…well shit man, good luck to ya.

Next week, Zooey Deschanel hosts.  Another pro/con sceneario next week..

Hulu Preview 1

[Update] If you didn’t get the January Jones joke, it’s because she once hosted SNL, and it was a complete disaster.  Completely void of any laughs.

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On a string of seeming misfires, SNL hosts have disappointed since the pinnacle of Melissa McCarthy’s debut host in the second episode.  Charlie Day was misused and Emma Stone was game, but wasn’t provided enough  material to make the best of it.  Most people would throw in the towel, but I’m still gonna keep hoping they come up with a new winner.  And Jason Segel’s first time hosting has potential, as Segel is a very funny guy.  Once again, it’s up to the writer’s to come up with new sketches with new characters that fit their host.  Not cookie cutter characters that anyone could step their feet in.  Anyways, I look forward to it, and I can only hope Amy Adams drops by to help promote the Muppets movie.  Because I love Amy Adams.  A link to his promos below.


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Last week, I expressed my excitement to having Charlie Day host SNL.  While it wasn’t absolutely as atrocious as Anna Faris’s work, [Danny DeVito’s cameo was especially delicious] it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for.  He was simply another cut and paste host that had no real memorable sketches [except maybe the Seinfeld one, that one was pleasantly surprising].  So here I am promoting this week’s host Emma Stone.  When I saw her last year, she didn’t particularly wow me by any means, but maybe she can rally.  She’s an extremely talented actress who has no qualms about taking a few jabs herself.  My ultimate dream is that Jim Carrey cameos [and in the future hosts, his show was fairly decent] to talk about the whole, ‘I love Emma Stone’ deal.  Below is Jim Carrey’s creepy message and a link Stone’s promos.


Jim’s Message

Jason Segal hosts November 19, another reason to get excited.

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As most of you know, Anna Faris’s last hosting gig at SNL was a complete blunder.  It was ill-prepared, poorly written, and extremely unfunny.  However, NBC has released it’s line up of the next few guests: Charlie Day, Emma Stone, and Jason Segal.  This is an impressive and talented line up and I’m very excited about what they bring come Saturday Night.  Day and Segal are first timers and this will be Stone’s second time.

So this weekend has Horrible Bosses and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Charlie Day as host, and I have high expectations.  More than often Day has had to carry It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on some of its flatter episodes, and he certainly held his own against A-listers like Jason Bateman and Kevin Spacey on Horrible Bosses.  In both of those, he clearly channels Charlie Kelly in repeated yelling, general stupidity, and absurd ideologies.  Hopefully the writers will take advantage of that and write some funny skits that make use of his talents.  So I’m hoping that come Saturday Night, he reaches the bar that Melissa McCarthy set.  A link to his promos below.


As seen by the promo, Charlie seen hyperventilating is always good stuff.

Emma Stone hosts November 12 and Jason Segal hosts November 19

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Say what you will about it not being funny anymore or the skits are getting too political or that the cast members are annoying in general, but Saturday Night Live has a very creatively ambitious premise and objective.  Now I’m not too familiar with the age of Will Ferrall or Chris Farley, but I’ve seen enough of their most memorable skits to realize that SNL back then and now aren’t too different.  While the writers and cast members have changed, the idea is still the same by making fun of today’s top news and trying to make the audience laugh as much as possible.  And using celebrities makes things even better when you see them break cast types look like they’re generally having a good time [I thought Jon Hamm was a stick in the mud until I saw him cut loose on SNL, since then I think Jon Hamm is the sh*t for being drama and comedy capable.]   This little prelude has inspired me to write a ‘Why SNL is still worthwhile’ article sometime soon.  Anyways, let me get back to the topic at hand.  Below I’ve listed my 5 favorite current SNL members.  See if you agree.


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Top Banana – Alan Tudyk is awesome

If you’ve seen Firely Alan Tudyk is most easily recognized as Walsh, the quirky pilot.  In nearly every movie he is in, he usually plays a likable quirkly fellow.  Hands down one of the best parts of a movie as horrible as Transformers: Dark of the Moon was Tudyk.  And with memorable roles in Dollhouse, Death at a Funeral, and Sunny’s voice in I, Robot, it’s hard to dislike him.  Anyways, if you don’t know who he is, educate yourself because he’s got a new movie Tucker and Dale vs. Evil which according to critics, is actually quite good.

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