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Need to fill your for gore and death?  Love Game of Thrones?  Then this video is for you!  These two videos compile all the deaths from the first season of Game of the Thrones.  It gets pretty brutal and shows with high body counts are slightly disturbing, especially because it seems that it can be directly proportional to how popular the show is….What does that say about society?  What does it say about society that these videos have 200 thousands hits combined with an overall positive liking bar…

If that’s distrubing think about a video that compiles all the nudity of Game of Throne and see how many hits it gets…Well I’m actually probably sure that it already exists and it probably has more hits than this site has in total…[which is as of recently a wee bit short of 100,000].



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Peter Dinklage is very much one of my favorite actors.  He’s fearless.  Game of Thrones, Death at a Funeral, Penelope, Elf to name a few of my favorite roles.  What I’ve posted above is very much one of my favorite .gifs out there.  It’s a scene from the movie Penelope.  Dinklage plays a P.I. who tries to uncover a strange anomaly on a young girl with a veil.  The best P.I.’s are definitely the ones with attitudes.  I could watch Dinklage do this all day.

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I’ve only been marginally impressed with SNL this year.  Melissa McCarthy’s job as hosting provided the most laughs and very likely the season’s high so far.  There were a couple of people who tried their best to bring their A-game, enjoyable veterans like Steve Buscemi and Maya Rudolph provided solid, but slightly stale performances, there have been an extremely terrible show or two like the Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry episodes.  And it’s a shame because I have a confessed love for the idea and publication of this sketch comedy show, and I’d like to see it shine.  So in response, Warming Glow compiled a glorious list of fresh ideas for hosts that I believe would breathe a positive wind back into the relatively stale show.

7 Ideas for Fantastic SNL Hosts

Also, Sophia Vergara will be hosting this weekend.  So prepare for cleavage…cleavage.  I had nothing else to say.  That’s more than likely the reason I’ll be tuning in.


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