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This is a cool video mashing up Disney characters with Tina Fey’s awesome teenage movie Mean Girls.  We’ve featured Disney mash ups before, like The Dark Knight Rises, Sin City, and Game of Thrones, but this one is purely Disney Princesses, which is really neat.  I really liked Mean Girls and you might even think Lindsay Lohan had a career ahead of her, but no.  She squandered it away on being crazy.  It’s okay Lindsay, Tina Fey and Amanda Seyfried are doing more than enough well to make up for your faults.

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Mike O’Brien. For some reason the man is difficult to find a Wikipedia or IMDB page about him.  Apparently he’s a writer for SNL who’s been granted the good grace of spending 7 Minutes in Heaven with major players in the pop culture world.  In these 7 minutes, he asks them awkward questions, puts them in uncomfortable situations, makes them play entire scenarios in closet and in true 7 minutes in heaven fashion, he tries to kiss them at the end of the interview.  He’s had both major and minor people come in his closet and while not all of them are exactly 7 minutes, they’re definitely worth the watch.  Hit below to see a video playlist of my favorites [See the Paul Rudd One!!]

Here’s a Link to the Whole Playlist Starting from Episode 1


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