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Was Snow White’s first instinct to clean the house sexist?  Moviefone has compiled a list of children’s movies that caught flak for possibly containing some insensitive humor.  Obesity, anti-oil, and hidden sex images are mentioned, but it’s up to you to believe if the company meant to add them.  I personally like to think so because I like the idea of movie writers and producers snickering in their rooms as they get Snow White residuals from 1950.

Controverial Kid’s Movies

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On a string of seeming misfires, SNL hosts have disappointed since the pinnacle of Melissa McCarthy’s debut host in the second episode.  Charlie Day was misused and Emma Stone was game, but wasn’t provided enough  material to make the best of it.  Most people would throw in the towel, but I’m still gonna keep hoping they come up with a new winner.  And Jason Segel’s first time hosting has potential, as Segel is a very funny guy.  Once again, it’s up to the writer’s to come up with new sketches with new characters that fit their host.  Not cookie cutter characters that anyone could step their feet in.  Anyways, I look forward to it, and I can only hope Amy Adams drops by to help promote the Muppets movie.  Because I love Amy Adams.  A link to his promos below.


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