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Bill Hader is definitely my favorite SNL member.  He’s always absolutely hilarious and some of his characters are some of the most memorable in these seasons as of late.  However, he has been known as of late to break character with some of the more ridiculous stuff he’s been forced to say by the writers.  The Californians is a famous sketch for being absolutely disastrous besides the man we’re discussing.  Hader cracked the entire way during the live sketch, but that’s nothing to his complete comedic breakdown in this dress rehearsal.  Seriously, only watch about the first couple of minute because after that the show goes back to its crappy premise and Hader is no where to be seen.

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Say what you will about it not being funny anymore or the skits are getting too political or that the cast members are annoying in general, but Saturday Night Live has a very creatively ambitious premise and objective.  Now I’m not too familiar with the age of Will Ferrall or Chris Farley, but I’ve seen enough of their most memorable skits to realize that SNL back then and now aren’t too different.  While the writers and cast members have changed, the idea is still the same by making fun of today’s top news and trying to make the audience laugh as much as possible.  And using celebrities makes things even better when you see them break cast types look like they’re generally having a good time [I thought Jon Hamm was a stick in the mud until I saw him cut loose on SNL, since then I think Jon Hamm is the sh*t for being drama and comedy capable.]   This little prelude has inspired me to write a ‘Why SNL is still worthwhile’ article sometime soon.  Anyways, let me get back to the topic at hand.  Below I’ve listed my 5 favorite current SNL members.  See if you agree.


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