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I don’t know what to make of this.  I’ve personally seen probably none of his movies.  If I did, he was probably a supporting character or an extra.  The most I know about him was that he starred in some eagle movie that looked like Centurion and that he’s playing a male stripper.  I wouldn’t call him a household name, so his hosting SNL can bring one of two things: 1) he actually has comedic chops and took his job  as host seriously enough to actually put an effort.  2) Be a January Jones and deliver one of the worst episodes ever.  And judging by his promo with the loathesome Fred Armisen…well shit man, good luck to ya.

Next week, Zooey Deschanel hosts.  Another pro/con sceneario next week..

Hulu Preview 1

[Update] If you didn’t get the January Jones joke, it’s because she once hosted SNL, and it was a complete disaster.  Completely void of any laughs.

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