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Last week, I expressed my excitement to having Charlie Day host SNL.  While it wasn’t absolutely as atrocious as Anna Faris’s work, [Danny DeVito’s cameo was especially delicious] it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for.  He was simply another cut and paste host that had no real memorable sketches [except maybe the Seinfeld one, that one was pleasantly surprising].  So here I am promoting this week’s host Emma Stone.  When I saw her last year, she didn’t particularly wow me by any means, but maybe she can rally.  She’s an extremely talented actress who has no qualms about taking a few jabs herself.  My ultimate dream is that Jim Carrey cameos [and in the future hosts, his show was fairly decent] to talk about the whole, ‘I love Emma Stone’ deal.  Below is Jim Carrey’s creepy message and a link Stone’s promos.


Jim’s Message

Jason Segal hosts November 19, another reason to get excited.

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