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Last week, I expressed my excitement to having Charlie Day host SNL.  While it wasn’t absolutely as atrocious as Anna Faris’s work, [Danny DeVito’s cameo was especially delicious] it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for.  He was simply another cut and paste host that had no real memorable sketches [except maybe the Seinfeld one, that one was pleasantly surprising].  So here I am promoting this week’s host Emma Stone.  When I saw her last year, she didn’t particularly wow me by any means, but maybe she can rally.  She’s an extremely talented actress who has no qualms about taking a few jabs herself.  My ultimate dream is that Jim Carrey cameos [and in the future hosts, his show was fairly decent] to talk about the whole, ‘I love Emma Stone’ deal.  Below is Jim Carrey’s creepy message and a link Stone’s promos.


Jim’s Message

Jason Segal hosts November 19, another reason to get excited.

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The Banana Tree may be gone, but I’ll still be linking left and right to today’s top stories.  We’ve recently received word that there are three sequels in the making to relatively successful films: Dumb and Dumber, Zoolander, and The Incredibles.

I have mixed reactions to all three.  Dumb and Dumber and Zoolander are comedic treasures in their own right and any sequel might tarnish that.  As for The Incredibles, after the last stint with Cars 2, I’m not fully on board with ‘make a Pixar sequel that isn’t Toy Story’ deal.  I’d just rather have something brand new.  But we’ll see how Monster Academy peers out.

Ben Stiller on Zoolander 2 on moviefone

Farrellys developing Dumb and Dumber Sequel on HitFix

Brad Bird on Incredibles sequel on Collider

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