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Bill Hader is definitely my favorite SNL member.  He’s always absolutely hilarious and some of his characters are some of the most memorable in these seasons as of late.  However, he has been known as of late to break character with some of the more ridiculous stuff he’s been forced to say by the writers.  The Californians is a famous sketch for being absolutely disastrous besides the man we’re discussing.  Hader cracked the entire way during the live sketch, but that’s nothing to his complete comedic breakdown in this dress rehearsal.  Seriously, only watch about the first couple of minute because after that the show goes back to its crappy premise and Hader is no where to be seen.

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Hollywood has described this as summer’s biggest sleeper hit.  R rated comedies don’t normally do well compared to their competition due to their fairly closely targeted audience, but good word of mouth has recently allowed R rated comedies like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and the Hangover to do well.  The thing that sets Bridesmaid’s  apart from its fellow R rated box office hits lies in its leads.  The all female cast, which normally would’ve targeted only female audiences, was able to set itself apart from ‘chick flick’ status to appeal to a broader demographic, something not commonly seen.  With clever writing, chemistry between it’s leads, and a cast of outrageous supporting characters, it’s these aspects of this movie that saves itself from falling to formula and instead becoming potentially summer’s best comedy.


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