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So I stumbled upon a rather interesting collection of artwork featuring famous animated characters re-imagined as zombies. While keeping most of their cartoon glory, they have been re-purposed with a rather sinister objective. They now exist solely to munch on your brains. While not all that scary, I found the artwork to be incredibly well done and very thematic in some places. For example, Buzz Lightyear lacking blood and having wiring instead or Master Chief seemingly infected by the flood parasites. It’s an incredibly interesting album worth checking out. Some of the characters are obviously named incorrectly as you’ll soon find out, but I won’t rag on the author of the article for his misdemeanor as I truly enjoyed the art.

Source: 25 Famous Characters Re-Imagined as Zombies


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Did You Know Gaming is an amazing tumblr-like website that updates everyday with a random tid-bit about gaming.  To both the hardcore and casual gamers, these little facts and trivia pieces about some of our beloved games range from thoughtful nods to jaw dropping moments.  I’ve compiles a couple of my favorites, but you should do yourself a favor and check out the website itself to view dozens upon dozens of random facts about your favorite games.


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Cracked has an amazing fanbase that if they ask their users a vague but slightly general topic, they’ll flock to give them their 2 cents of wit.  And out of the dozens maybe hundreds that submit their thoughts, a small handful get picked to be presented to millions of readers.  This ‘photoplasty’ as they call it is: Video Game Twists that No One Saw coming.  You’ll see popular video game culture be combined with movies, television, and hard irony.  Enjoy below.

Awesome Video Game Twists that Didn’t Exactly Happen

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They look to be having fun...at the expense of who?

When we play through our various collections of video games, saving the world or racing against friends, we usually do it without thinking about what goes on behind the scenes. Who fixes Mario’s kart, or anyone’s kart for that matter, when they crash into the water or get hit off the course by a shell or other forms of trickery and sometimes douchebaggery (here’s to you, Blue Shell, bane of my existence). What about Link’s neighbors, always being woken up by his terrifying battle screams (NYA! HYA! HAAAAAAA!) in the middle of the night with no explanations, and do those item chest noises always have to be so loud? (DA NA NA NAAAAAAA!). After reading through this article, I assure you that you may have a different take on your favorite video game characters and how they treat those around them. To be fair, most of them already treated everyone else around them like a sack of dung.

6 Awful Jobs That Must Exist in Video Games

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