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So I stumbled upon a rather interesting collection of artwork featuring famous animated characters re-imagined as zombies. While keeping most of their cartoon glory, they have been re-purposed with a rather sinister objective. They now exist solely to munch on your brains. While not all that scary, I found the artwork to be incredibly well done and very thematic in some places. For example, Buzz Lightyear lacking blood and having wiring instead or Master Chief seemingly infected by the flood parasites. It’s an incredibly interesting album worth checking out. Some of the characters are obviously named incorrectly as you’ll soon find out, but I won’t rag on the author of the article for his misdemeanor as I truly enjoyed the art.

Source: 25 Famous Characters Re-Imagined as Zombies


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Welcome to the world of Little BIG Planet

Welcome to this weeks edition of Game of the Week. This Week’s title is Little Big Planet. I will cover the initial game, and will hopefully follow up with another article when I get time to play the sequel. Now, as many of you may or may not know, Little Big Planet, or LBP for short, is an incredibly successful platforming game that revolutionized the way we play games. From its quirky character design to its customizable and hilarious level design, LBP has remained a staple of Playstation 3 gaming since its release back in 2008. It has since then received much praise and great ratings across the board from multiple magazines and websites. The game follows the character known as ‘sack boy’ (or sack girl for the female readers/players), essentially a ‘small, anthropomorphic humanoid creature made of fabric’ to quote the wiki. He goes around the world, developed by the 8 Curators, in order to stop the evil Collector. The story is somewhat lacking in bravado, but it definitely makes up for it with hours of creative level design and sharing across the globe.


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