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So I stumbled upon a rather interesting collection of artwork featuring famous animated characters re-imagined as zombies. While keeping most of their cartoon glory, they have been re-purposed with a rather sinister objective. They now exist solely to munch on your brains. While not all that scary, I found the artwork to be incredibly well done and very thematic in some places. For example, Buzz Lightyear lacking blood and having wiring instead or Master Chief seemingly infected by the flood parasites. It’s an incredibly interesting album worth checking out. Some of the characters are obviously named incorrectly as you’ll soon find out, but I won’t rag on the author of the article for his misdemeanor as I truly enjoyed the art.

Source: 25 Famous Characters Re-Imagined as Zombies


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Keanu Reeves has become a bit of a pop culture icon.  Not because all of his movies are awesome or because he’s a paparazzi monster.  Mr. Reeves has the most hilarious candid photos.  I’m sure you’ve seen his ‘lonely Keanu’ or ‘Keanu Reeves is immortal’ meme.  I like to think he’s fairly eccentric, but I’ve read that he’s an incredibly nice person.  He gave up a lot of his salary to finish the Matrix movies and he treats his fans incredibly well.  But that’s not the focus of this picture here.  It’s hilarious that Keanu has created this persona as a ‘Jesus’ like figure.  This image cements his powers by looking at his drink.  There is a tall wine bottle that is full of water and his glass is seemingly full of wine….MAGIC.

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