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Drew Tim Drake as Red Robin.

Really happy with the shading I’ve done here. I’ve got 3 more Robins down the pipe.

Decided to throw in a little background to those who don’t know who this is and kind of care. If you don’t, meh, move on to¬†the next thing in your newsfeed.

Tim Drake was Batman’s third Robin after Dick Grayson [the first Robin] became Nightwing and Jason Todd [the second Robin] died, resurrected and became Red Hood [because comics]. Blessed with a detectives mind that rivals Batman’s, Tim Drake earned the right to be Batman’s next Robin by persuading the stubborn Dark Knight into believing he needed a Robin after he couldn’t get over the death of his former protege. Tim eventually outgrew the mantle and became Red Robin and serves on Teen Titans.

Hope that was a fun read. Tim’s probably my least favorite Robin, but he’s still pretty neat.

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