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Even further from mainstream then the string of Robins, Batgirls, and other obscure Bat villains is the recherché Batwoman.  When people hear Batwoman’s name, they think that maybe she’s a Batman copycat who is a possible love interest for the Dark Knight.  What they don’t know is that Katherine Kane aka Batwoman might be comic books’ most popular LGBT superhero, who kicks ass and doesn’t take questions from anyone, including Batman.  After hearing how awesome Batwoman is on the internets, I took it upon myself to look into Batwoman and her comic series.  After reading her first New 52 volume, Hydrology, I became instantly hooked and may have a new contender for favorite superheroine, [sorry Diana].  I took time out of my not so busy day to draw a new wallpaper as tribute to one of my new favorite characters and write a small review on Batwoman New 52 Vol. 1: Hydrology.    I really hoped to catch her edgy, gorgeous, but ‘don’t f*ck with me’ attitude.

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