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Jason Todd was found by Batman breaking into the Batmobile as a kid. When Bruce saw potential in the young boy, he made him his second Robin. Jason was fueled by rage and revenge, which led to his painful death at the hands of the Joker, leaving Bruce distraught. After he was resurrected [because comics logic], he returned to Gotham as the masked vigilante Red Hood, where he takes an ultraviolent approach to dealing with Gotham’s criminals. Red Hood and the Dark Knight have butted heads ever since, debating on whose justice system is working for Gotham better.

If interested, read or watch the DC story arc: “Under the Red Hood”. It’s really good.

Taking a small break from the Robins to do some original content.  It’ll be up in a couple of days.


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Drew Tim Drake as Red Robin.

Really happy with the shading I’ve done here. I’ve got 3 more Robins down the pipe.

Decided to throw in a little background to those who don’t know who this is and kind of care. If you don’t, meh, move on to the next thing in your newsfeed.

Tim Drake was Batman’s third Robin after Dick Grayson [the first Robin] became Nightwing and Jason Todd [the second Robin] died, resurrected and became Red Hood [because comics]. Blessed with a detectives mind that rivals Batman’s, Tim Drake earned the right to be Batman’s next Robin by persuading the stubborn Dark Knight into believing he needed a Robin after he couldn’t get over the death of his former protege. Tim eventually outgrew the mantle and became Red Robin and serves on Teen Titans.

Hope that was a fun read. Tim’s probably my least favorite Robin, but he’s still pretty neat.

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I’ve lived to only have seen one great trilogy. The Lord of the Rings trilogy set the bar high and absolutely astounded me from start to finish. Meaning all three movies lived up to their titles and I wasn’t disappointed by any of it. This past weekend, I’m proud to admit to adding another trilogy to that list. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is quite possibly the only way to end such a great trilogy. There haven’t been many great trilogies in our lives, not any as influential and culturally relevant as this trilogy. In addition to the recent Colorado incident, this will not be a movie I will soon forget.

The follow up to the Dark Knight might’ve cost Christopher Nolan the biggest undertaking ever placed on a director. That movie was simply a masterpiece, large in part to the late Heath Ledger. By merely meeting the audiences expectations, he would’ve accomplished something only so few people can. But of course, Christopher Nolan, who’s directing track record is nearly flawless, delivered and soared as to what can be said as the perfect way to end a trilogy. Minor spoilers below. Nothing back breaking. Or should I say Bat breaking. HA.


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Artist Robert Salvador has created some hilariously awesome gifs of classic Adam West Batman and Robin running away from various things.  I might be too young and bold to say this, but I think this is the age of where actors would run on treadmills and various scenes would be projected behind them.  Because clearly those projected scenes have been hilariously converted to this series of gifs.  Check out the rest of gallery below with appearances from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and more!

Source: Comics Alliance


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