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Black Carnival 10 final 1280

Black Carnival #10

Gillian, Flynt, and Marraine team up to take down the Abomination. But will their combined efforts be enough?

With every page, I’m getting more and more confident as I experiment with what works best and looks cool.  I change styles often within this page, but I’m really happy with the results.  I plan on working on one non Black Carnival drawing before I get into #11. I’m really excited about this one as it’s VERY overdue.

Let’s just say things are gonna get Bloody.

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bc 9


Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?  Gillian and Flynt are back again to wrap up the “cat-in-the-tree” storyline.

Why the revival?

I once read a quote regarding about going to your grave with your unrealized ideas and aspirations are a waste of human ingenuity.  Originally, I had given up on delivering my story for The Black Carnival in favor of other endeavors.  It was a notion I truly hated myself for deciding.  After 5 months, I’ve returned to take another attempt at delivering my story.  No point in wasting human ingenuity right?

The Black Carnival will continue to serve as a means of experimentation with style and feasibility.  I get faster and more efficient with each drawing.  There can be only good things that come from this.

Black Carnivals will be released with no schedule.  I’ll try to crank them out when I can, but I’ll be mixing in other pieces of work between each page.

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Some of us are willing to wait.

Well, I figured in the down time I’d give you guys a somewhat relevant read before I find myself taking two finals today. Anyway, let’s cover a topic near and dear to my heart. Many of you don’t share the fanaticism that a lot of people hold for the Final Fantasy series, but to be fair and honest those games defined a genre. Sadly, their games as of late have lost the shine and polish that made Final Fantasy such a memorable series, but they seem to be wanting to make amends with their latest and greatest title, Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Now, a lot about the game has already been spoiled, but only in articles and screen shots. Unfortunately, it looks like Square Enix doesn’t have half the amount of things done as they should. Will we have to wait until we’ve got grand kids before we’re even able to sneak a peek?

Source: Kotaku Article

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