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Been super obsessed with Splatoon 2 recently.  Isn’t my squid kid adorable?


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Judy Hopps

Absolutely adored Judy Hopps, so I had to draw her!  The left was my first go and while it’s all sass, I wanted some optimistic Judy, so I went again for another more happier picture.

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bloodbrothers final

Have you all seen Mad Max yet? My goodness, if the answer is no, you need to remedy that this weekend.  From its adrenaline pumping soundtrack to its awe-inspiring visuals to Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, you need to get on what is shaping up to be one of the best movies of the year.  I loved it so much that I drew two of the main characters, Max and Nux as they first know each other toward the beginning of the film.  Bloodbrothers.  You’ll get the reference.

I’m still struggling with finding and identity for my style.  I’m generally proud of this one, but I found myself wandering and not really knowing what the hell I was doing when I was drawing this one.

Looking forward to the next one.  My binging of Rick and Morty has me jonesing to do some fan art, but I’ve got another big project in my mind and I’m highly considering pursuing that instead.

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Also included is a speed drawing below, enjoy!

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Cracked took apart 5 movies where characters had tattoos and found them contradictory to the stories.  They took the movie producer’s attempts to be badass/meaningful/colorful and completely sat them on their asses.  Sounds like class Cracked to me.  I’ve always been wary of tattoos, as when they’re cool when you’re young, they can sag and become nasty as you get older.  And I always thought it even worse when people had tattoos of Chinese symbols when the only time they’ve ever read Chinese was when they were Googling the translation for their tattoo.

Movie Tattoos Debunked

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