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Black Carnival 10 final 1280

Black Carnival #10

Gillian, Flynt, and Marraine team up to take down the Abomination. But will their combined efforts be enough?

With every page, I’m getting more and more confident as I experiment with what works best and looks cool.  I change styles often within this page, but I’m really happy with the results.  I plan on working on one non Black Carnival drawing before I get into #11. I’m really excited about this one as it’s VERY overdue.

Let’s just say things are gonna get Bloody.

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bc 9


Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?  Gillian and Flynt are back again to wrap up the “cat-in-the-tree” storyline.

Why the revival?

I once read a quote regarding about going to your grave with your unrealized ideas and aspirations are a waste of human ingenuity.  Originally, I had given up on delivering my story for The Black Carnival in favor of other endeavors.  It was a notion I truly hated myself for deciding.  After 5 months, I’ve returned to take another attempt at delivering my story.  No point in wasting human ingenuity right?

The Black Carnival will continue to serve as a means of experimentation with style and feasibility.  I get faster and more efficient with each drawing.  There can be only good things that come from this.

Black Carnivals will be released with no schedule.  I’ll try to crank them out when I can, but I’ll be mixing in other pieces of work between each page.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.59.56 PM

I’m gonna be MIA for a while while I get work done on this large (maybe the largest) project I’ll ever draw to completion.  At the current state of the Black Carnival comic book, we’ve only seen four members of the Black Carnival Sheriff’s Office.  1) Gillian Akers, our rash, feisty, and impulsive protagonist. 2) Flynt, Gillian’s Guardian Angel. 3) Sheriff Meiter, the fearless Satyr leader of the Sheriff’s office. And 4) Miss Darcy, the hormonal secretary.  Well I’m working on a large profile shot that will feature 10 to-be-featured players at the Black Carnival Sheriff’s office.  I’ve included a work-in-progress screenshot of a corner that features two the of confirmed profiles to be included.  The other 6 characters to be included are influenced heavily on concept art I’ve done in the past and previous incarnations of the Black Carnival story, but will be reimagined as the latest canon concepts in this drawing.   It’s a large project and in balancing it with school, it will be tough to promise when it’ll come out.  I’m working very hard on it and will try to get it out as soon as I can.

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Gillian and Flynt go over the mission on their way to the Howling Siren.  I know Gillian acts kinda bitchy, but I’m more trying to lean her towards a Renegade Fem-Shep from the Mass Effect series.  She’ll have her chance to show more of her true colors and loyalty eventually.  Once I get there.  One panel at a time.

And speaking of panels, oh man, look at that production quality.  Did I actually spend more than five minutes on a background?  It’s quite astounding what happens when you put a little elbow grease in the less important stuff like backgrounds.  You can obviously tell when I worked on certain panels on different days.  Panels 1 and 3 differ in art significantly, though I think I’m really digging the character design of Gillian in panel 3.  I love 4 panel pages because it’s a lot less intimidating to work harder on one panel and still obtain a sense of progress.  I’ll try to maintain this quality when it comes to 6 panel pages, but we’ll see.

Probably a pin up or two before the next Black Carnival.  I’m more on devoting my time to drawing over writing for Banana Scoop these past few days, but I don’t think you guys are complaining and I’m having a blast.  Now about that DC pin up…

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BC 2.2 1280



Deputy Gillian Akers meets Sheriff Meiter’s new secretary to discover a dark secret.

Black Carnival Overview Summary:

My name is Gillian Akers You see, 3 years ago most of my family was massacred in an attempt to seize the family’s prized possession, ownership of The Black Carnival.   I was one of the few survivors and the heavens literally sent help from above to keep me safe from those who want to take my right to one day own it.  The Black Carnival is a controlled ‘haven’ for all things dangerous, discarded, and devious.  Ownership provides you access to some of the most powerful and dangerous people and beings around.  But my whole life I never really cared about that, at least until my family paid the price for it.  To help me survive, my Uncle Flynt has trained me as a part of his protection initiative.  I intend to use my newfound skills to return to the Black Carnival to find the people who murdered my family.  My uncle and I now work as a part of the Black Carnival Sheriff’s Office, occasionally taking out the Carnival’s trash and simultaneously investigating those who tried to take everything away from me.  I will work day and night to find them and return the favor.

I’ve got plenty of panels already written, so it’s up to me to get off my lazy butt and draw them.  I’m really excited about the new direction and am very satisfied with the quality.  Satisfied.  Maybe satisfaction isn’t enough…Which means I can probably step up my game ;D.

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