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This is immensely cool map for anyone living in the United States.  This is very similar to Google maps where you can type in your address and see the stores and stuff around your area.  The best part of this map is the fact that it’s catered to surviving a zombie apocalypse.  The stores you’ll see are your malls, gun shops, police stations, etc.  It’s very creative and awesome map.  Be sure to check your chances if/when the zombie apocalypse comes.



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A couple of weeks ago, I did a post relating vampire movies worth your while.  I got a lot of support and feedback on that, so I turned to another monster genre that held it’s own for it’s success.  Zombie movies are generally a lot different from the general vampire movie.  While vampire movies are more based on the ideas of eternal love, the sexual aspect of blood sucking, and the drama of hiding from the light, zombie movies are more related to the strength of human kind in the face of Apocalypse and the bad-assery of killing as many zombies as possible.  Hit the jump for the list of awesome zombie movies.  I apologize for missing some, especially any really early zombie movies.


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