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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Stay safe and don’t break traditions!  Or Sam will get you.

Go watch Trick R Treat if you haven’t! Most underrated Halloween movie ever.

More art at http://fig-tv.com/


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Stanley Kubrick is known for his long and creepy moments in his movies. Jack Nicholson delivers the ultimate creepy/crazy in The Shining. The invention of the internet hasn’t really helped. This GIF recognizes a very awesome scene where his character Jack is having a drink with an imaginary bartender. The clip is almost hypnotizing in a manner of which the drink swirls in a trancing fashion…Nothing else moving…alone…crazy.

Time to go watch this movie again whilst simultaneously hugging a pillow over my face.

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An odd title, yes, that’s why it grabbed my attention when I came across this.  This list literally has ten movies where there is a creepy ‘stare’ scene that simply grabs our attention and doesn’t let us go.  Hit the link and see if you can win a staring contest with these pros.

The 10 Best Movie Stares

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As many of you know, I’ve recently taken Terra Nova off of my TV queue this fall.  So to fill its shoes, I’ve been heavily recommended that FX’s American Horror Story is a juicy and horrifying tale of a family in a cursed house.  The final push to start this series is when the latest Entertainment Weekly arrived when its two major characters and a man in a rubber suit were on the cover.  So after watching the first episode, I literally had my hand over my face the entire fifty minutes and nearly successfully shat my pants .  The show is graphic, tense, and even highly sexual, something that my TV queue is lacking [Dexter can only have so much blood, gore, and sex].  And I haven’t regretted starting it ever since.


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