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This is a really cool link to Tecca who have compiled 10 awesome recut trailers to movies.  We’re not just talking about flipping a few words around or even a simple mash up here or there, these re-cuts completely change the genre.  Take for example, the Incredibles trailer I posted above, this trailer highlights the death of Dash and the effect it has had on the family.  The trailer is absolutely chilling and plays a horror movie so well that I would totally watch that movie.  “Do you know where he is?”

Seriously, check out that trailer and the rest of them at Tecca.  Don’t believe me?  The first one is turning the Shining into a family film.  Crazy right?

Top 10 Re-Cut Trailers

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It would be an interesting debate to see who was first.  Pixar’s Carl from Up or this old guy.  One clearly influenced the other.  Pixar is usually super original, so I like to think this old guy emulated Carl.  That would mean either he has super awesome grandkids that told him this and they dressed him….Or this old guy is super alone and he dresses like children’s movie characters to make kid friends….One is a much darker story line than the other.

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