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final deena kinda

A project I didn’t get around to finishing.  Was gonna do my Champion of Ash, Deena, to celebrate me finishing Dark Souls III.  I experimented with a drawing style and it kind of blew up in my face.  Distance from the project and moving past Dark Souls III kinda made me feel uninspired to finish.  Decided to post what I started, even though what I envisioned originally was a lot more intricate.


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8 headed dragon final

A quick silhouette drawing I did for a concept of Gillian’s meeting with the leaders of the Black Carnival.  Judging eyes on a wildcard.

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the flash

The Flash has risen in popularity over the past couple of years.  In thanks to the great comic book restart during the New 52 event, the rising CW television series, and the eventual Flash movie starring Ezra Miller.  This year marks the 75th anniversary of when the Flash hit the panels, so I did some quick fan art depicting the Scarlet Speedster doing what he does best. Running.

Gonna celebrate some Robin 75 in my next drawn.

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Some ways back I did a drawing of my webcomic series’s leading lady, Gillian Akers.  I recorded the drawing and finally had the chance and internet speed to upload it.  Enjoy!

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bc 7 FINAL 1280

Black Carnival #7



Some notes: I’m going to experiment with how other comics deal with large walls of text.  By the end of the fourth panel, I was getting upset that I would draw a whole panel only to have it blocked out by a wall of text (Panel 3).  So I either have to be more concise in the writing or experiment and come up with solutions like I did in panel 4.

I normally (try to) participate in National November Writing Month, but this year I decided to do something a little different.  Instead of a 1500 words a day, to get to the coveted 50,000 word novel, I’m going to try a panel a day (they do say a picture is worth a thousands words…).  I’ve already gotten Black Carnival written up to #16 and I’m very excited for having what’s in store for the story.  I’m already several days behind, but that’s not going to stop a man like me.

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hq wallpaper3

A piece I tried with a thinner pen.  I hadn’t drawn Harleen in a while so I figured it was time for a new piece.  More comic book-ey, less cartoony.  I like the results.  Slow pieces will continue to make their way to Banana Scoop.

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wonderwoman final wallpaper

I made another shot at Wonder Woman because I wanted a wallpaper on my computer screen that I drew.  My two previous attempts were okay at best and I’m much more satisfied with this version.  This one didn’t take long, only about an hour and a half or so for the whole thing.  Tried to record a speed draw of it, but my software crapped out on me :/.

Things will slow down even more for a variety of reasons:

  • School career fairs
  • General job hunting
  • Crazy high level lab reports

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peggy drawing final

I finished Mad Men guys.  I have an article to write summing up my experiences with it, but for now I’m settling with some fan art of my favorite character in the series, Peggy Olson.  Lots to do in the coming week.  The Mad Men article, Black Carnival #4, packing to move out to my new apartment next week!  Let’s hope I have time.

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barbara 800


As promised, more DC characters have been drawn, now featuring Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl.

I’ve got the 4 Robins already sketched and they’re awaiting proper coloring treatments.  Expect those soon.

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joel and ellie final


Here’s a piece of artwork I’ve done in honor of The Last of Us.  It’s currently my background.  I absolutely love the game.  Feel free to leave me feedback!  And read my review on the Last of Us when you get the chance!

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