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Meta drawing. In 2013, when I got a new graphics tablet, I drew a pool party containing character requests from some Facebook friends. In 2014, I redrew that pool party to showcase my skill progress. Here I am 3 years later redrawing the pool party again benchmarking my progress. It has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to keep going.

What’s also fun is how some of these characters have grown in that time period. Ellie is older and Dany’s dragons have gotten considerably larger.



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joel and ellie final


Here’s a piece of artwork I’ve done in honor of The Last of Us.  It’s currently my background.  I absolutely love the game.  Feel free to leave me feedback!  And read my review on the Last of Us when you get the chance!

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joel and ellie
All images are owned by Naughty Dog

If you follow video games at all, you must have heard about Naughty Dog’s most recent title, The Last of Us, which is shattering records in both the critical acclaim and sales aspects.  The Last of Us is a hyper realistic survival game set in an post-apocalyptic world, following an unlikely pair, Joel, an old and grizzled man, and Ellie, a young girl.  Together they go on a journey across country trying to find the key to humanity, or at least survive it.

This game is definitely one of the top contenders for the title, ‘Game of the Year’.  As ambiguous and generic as giving that title to any game may seem, The Last of Us had it all.  Great story, compelling action, beautiful graphics, and emotional depth.  We’re not going to go into story too much here as a matter of fact, we’re not going to talk much about any spoilers at all.  This is simply a review of the amazing things that happen in the game and some of the not so great [but kinda negligible] things worth commenting on.

I haven’t tried the multiplayer yet, so if you have any comments on that, let me know in the comments below in addition to any other comments you might have about the game in general.


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