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the flash

The Flash has risen in popularity over the past couple of years.  In thanks to the great comic book restart during the New 52 event, the rising CW television series, and the eventual Flash movie starring Ezra Miller.  This year marks the 75th anniversary of when the Flash hit the panels, so I did some quick fan art depicting the Scarlet Speedster doing what he does best. Running.

Gonna celebrate some Robin 75 in my next drawn.


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harley 1280

My obsession with Harleen Quinzel continues as I use her as my object for trying a new style.  I took a painting + blur tool on this one versus my normal style.  I really liked the shading that can come from it and how it looks without the line art.  Expect more experimentations with this.

I kinda set it vaguely at Arkham Asylum, hence her orange jumpsuit.  I’m going to say Harley found her infamous collar (and ultimately the calling card to get her to be recognizable) amidst a riot where she wrestled away a police baton.  She also found her old name tag and set out to correct it to better reflect who she is now.  And of course, she’s always equipped with that absolutely adorable smile.

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black carnival #8



Finally had some time to crank out one of these puppies.  Hope you all enjoy!

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finals week 2014

It’s my last finals week before I graduate and I decided to draw a little sketch of my last battle.  Buzz is guiding me, as always as I fight against the four classes I have to beat.  Here’s a little backstory to the characters I’m up against:

PSYC 2210 (Social Psychology): Psychic Sarah. She uses her psychic knowledges of social psychology to get my anxiety levels above normal.
ChBE 4310 (Bioprocess Engineering): Biomass Betty. Betty overwhelms me her shear mass in biotechnical mumbo jumbo that I know nothing about.
ChBE 4200 (Unit Operations): U.O. 2000. This robot from lab class is going to take full advantage of me not brining my goggles and lab coat to the fight.
ChBE 4535 (Product Design): Designer Desiree. Designer Desiree gives me vague and ill-defined riddles and expects me to solve them.

Now I should probably stop drawing and go back to studying…

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bc #6 FINAL



Yay another Black Carnival.  In this page we introduce Lady Valora who has had a major character redesign since last time I drew concept art of her.  And of course our main characters have also gone under another character redesign.  As mentioned before, will keep experimenting as I get more and more comfortable with a specific design.  More Black Carnival kinda soon.  Will probably continue to go at this sluggish pace unfortunately.  Too many other things to draw at the same time.

For example, got something cooking up for Halloween.  Let’s hope I can make it in time.

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bc page 7 800

BOOM! Headshot.  I am digging the way this page is done and the style.  The past four pages have been a roller coaster of quality.  From fully colored to incredibly bland to over artistic to whatever this is.  Well, whatever THIS is is probably the style I’ll be sticking to for a while.  It’s not too time consuming, I think it looks really good, and it’s actually making progress!  Anyways guys, enjoy the page, looking forward to doing more.

Other Notes:

  • continuity is something I’m not really concerning myself with too much right now.  Yes the house looks different from two panel ago, yes the monster looks different from the cover, and yes Gillian’s hair length is changing from page to page.  I am only a man.
  • Stylistically, I’m getting more ambitious, which is a good thing, as long as I don’t abandon quantity too much.  That being said, ‘weekly’ pages are something I’ll try to keep but not promise.



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zaspara take 2 800


A little something I spent a little bit more time and energy on after my stressful week.  I’m experimenting more with the shading and line variation and I think it’s paying off really well, especially in color.  Boy, Zaspara sure has come a long way from this:

Zaspara: https://bananascoop.com/2013/09/22/zaspara/

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Maximillian is a character from my Black Carnival Series

A couple of things worth noting about this post.

  • This is the first image I’ve done in my new program that I’m testing, Manga Studio.  It turns out you can do single ‘panel’ drawings that simply work as canvases.  I’ve decided to start a Black Carnival non-comic related project to begin getting used to the interface so that when I do begin using Manga Studio for comics, I’m not bogged down by not knowing how to color.
  • There is no Black Carnival page this week.  My week was a bit too rough to try to fit in another page.  As a result, I’ve done some rewriting that I think will fit the script much better than I had anticipated.  I hope I can make good on this promise that there will be two pages released next week: a cover page to the next chapter and the first page of the next chapter.
  • I will no longer be doing character descriptions for the art profiles I’m doing because I want to reserve room for changes I want to make and I don’t want to spoil any potential details  pertaining to the story.  As a result, these pictures will largely contain the image itself and the name of the character.
  • And for anyone else paying attention to the comic, there might be a deliverable promise that if I go to no coloring [black and white], I might be able to deliver more pages.  Is this something worth considering or should I continue to do full colored pages?  Let me know in the comments below!


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39. zaspara-resize-800


More original drawings for my Black Carnival graphic novel, more to come.

As always, visit Fig-TV for more art!

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38. GILIAN-final-concept-resize-840

More concept art, let me know what you think!

Visit more art at http://fig-tv.com/

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The protagonist of my original series The Black Carnival.

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately.  It’s taking a normal amount of adjustment since restarting school again!

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I’ve drawn Catwoman in the past, but I decided to take this approach a bit more cartoony.  Enjoy


visit more art at http://fig-tv.com/

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Banana Scoop has a new contributor!  Her name is Rachel and she’ll be posting several times a month.  Not only does she have a lot of opinions on movies, books, video games, she’s also got something Banana Scoop hasn’t had yet: a female perspective on things.  Read more about her joining in the Weekly Newsletter posted later today!

Rachel chose to have a coffee mug as her avatar.  I initially went with a more mature looking coffee cup, but she recommended a softer side, so I added some more innocent features to her.  I had a lot of fun playing with the spilt coffee above, despite if it’s a little bit superfluous   Regardless, I hope she likes her new avatar!

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Now what in the hey is this image about?  Does that say Banana Scoop Staff: Ben?  We don’t have a Ben on our team here do we?  Not yet we do!  We have a special announcement to make to you guys at 3:00 EST, so be sure to come back in three hours for the number of changes we’re making to this website!

Approximately 3 Hours

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Wacom Bamboo Create

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This week will not have a Sunday Sketch or Universidaze comic due to my own stupidity.  This week is my University’s Spring Break, and I’ve decided to go home.  I was really happy at the idea that I could spend an entire week drawing, but alas, I brought the tablet and pen…but not the cord that connects the tablet to my computer.  Stupidity.  Anywho, I apologize for the inconvenience.  Articles will continue as usual.  There’s a very big chance that next week’s Sunday will lack a sketch, but I promise to make it up to you all.  My drawings will more likely return March 28th with the week’s Universidaze sketch.

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