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bc 7 FINAL 1280

Black Carnival #7



Some notes: I’m going to experiment with how other comics deal with large walls of text.  By the end of the fourth panel, I was getting upset that I would draw a whole panel only to have it blocked out by a wall of text (Panel 3).  So I either have to be more concise in the writing or experiment and come up with solutions like I did in panel 4.

I normally (try to) participate in National November Writing Month, but this year I decided to do something a little different.  Instead of a 1500 words a day, to get to the coveted 50,000 word novel, I’m going to try a panel a day (they do say a picture is worth a thousands words…).  I’ve already gotten Black Carnival written up to #16 and I’m very excited for having what’s in store for the story.  I’m already several days behind, but that’s not going to stop a man like me.

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Bonzo the Clown

Part of the Black Circus Series.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6

Bamboo Create


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Maintenance note below***

The Black Circus 

The Black Circus Series is a fictional carnival imagined by me that hosts a number of exiles, freaks, and undesirables. Old Ben, the manager of this traveling circus is responsible for providing a home to this varied collection of individuals. When Old Ben dies in a mysterious accident, his estranged grandson, Benjamin Jr., is brought in to settle his affairs. There he meets the colorful group of people that accompanied Old Ben in his final hours while he tries to solve the mystery of the one who is responsible for his grandfather’s death.

Bethesda the Clown

Arthur White

Bethesda the Clown

A smile never leaves Bethesda’s face. Long before he donned the clown outfit and the name Bethesda the Clown, his name was Arthur White and was always found with a smile on his face due to a genetic disorder. Talented with a dagger, he spent majority of his boyhood in the woods hunting and skinning animals. After witnessing his parents’ murder, the police sent him to an asylum after deeming him responsible on the basis he was found at the crime scene, knee deep in their blood with a smile and tears on his face. Unjust incarceration, cruel isolation, and unethical experimentation led him to mistrust people in their entirety. The only friend he had was a small boy by the name of Bethesda in the cell adjacent to them. One day Bethesda didn’t return to his cell and White went berserk. Rumor has it he left 20+ dead and no survivors, and found Bethesda in a morgue with a dozen more children. After this series of events, White wandered forever scarred emotionally and physically with a distrust in everyone. The day he stumbled into Ben’s Black Circus would change him forever.

White joined the Crazy Eights and found the entertaining of children to be most rewarding, despite his frightening appearance. He has been with the circus for six years and has since then risen through the ranks to be Ganger’s second in command of the Crazy Eights. His dagger skills have grown exceptionally, being able to nail a target over 30 feet with pinpoint accuracy.

Often mute unless in an act or addressed by someone.
Anger issues that lead to violent outbursts.
Has consistent migraines.
Can often be found killing chickens and other small game in his free time
Carries a large bag with a red stain on it and is very protective of it.

Taran the Psychic – one of the few people he willingly talks to. Content unknown.
Ganger – His boss
Crazy Eights – Underlings that fear him more than Ganger

Quote Excerpt
’A rare skin disorder’, the doctor said. ‘A small prick in the skin and it’s all done,’ the psychiatrist said. ‘He’ll be back in a few minutes,’ the orderly said. I looked at all of them, they smiled at me and I smiled back. They all lied to me and all I could do was smile. I couldn’t take my smile away…so I took away theirs.

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***Maintenance Note:

I hope you all welcome me back with open arms.  This Sunday Sketch kicks off an uninterrupted month of pure posting.  If you haven’t noticed, we have a new gradiented background, new menu icons, and a fresh selection of editor favorites in the side tool bar.  We’re at 100% people, and I’m really excited to share some awesome stuff with you.  I appreciate all the visitors who have visiting me, even in the down time.  Haven’t hit a day with less than 100 views a day yet….Hoping to double that withing the next month!  Anywho, the final touches remaining is the banner.  I’ve supplemented an old banner, to randomize with change.  Click refresh a couple of times to view it.  But other than that, I don’t have any new banners [I’ve been too busy drawing this crazy clown].  Regardless, the banner is in the queue.  And with only one midterm this week, as soon as I’m done with that, my energy jumps right back into Banana Feed.  Thanks for your support guys.

-Banana Feed Team

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