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roger sterling final

Roger Sterling

Dialogue I had in mind when drawing this:
Roger’s current mistress: “turn out the light honey”
Roger: “what light, there is no light, when has there ever been a light?”

Interestingly enough there are two types of Rogers: 1) hilarious and fun bro-Roger and 2) depressed and messy Roger. I opted to draw the 2nd because that Roger is so fascinating to me.

I did this as a request from a friend. Roger is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite character in my recently finished Mad Men. After drawing my first favorite, Peggy (which this drawing makes look silly in terms of detail and effort lol), I still had a pang for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. And poof this piece I’m really proud of in terms of detail and shading.


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peggy drawing final

I finished Mad Men guys.  I have an article to write summing up my experiences with it, but for now I’m settling with some fan art of my favorite character in the series, Peggy Olson.  Lots to do in the coming week.  The Mad Men article, Black Carnival #4, packing to move out to my new apartment next week!  Let’s hope I have time.

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There are several ‘Annie Vs. Britta Debates’ on the internet.  By Annie Vs. Britta debates, I mean take two female characters of any show and deciding who I would rather be in a relationship with.  While this seems pitiful at first, you can’t help but have thought this about any show you watched. The choices includes personality, looks, attitude, etc.  I read a cool article that brought up 10 cases that should be looked at here.  Now I’ll admit that I haven’t seen all 10 of the shows, but I do have strong opinions on the ones I have seen.  It’s also a reasonable excuse to post pictures of my favorite characters of some of my favorite tv shows at their best moments.

Check out my breakdown below.  Minor Spoilers About.


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Breaking Bad is less than a week away.  I stand by saying that it’s the best television series on air.  The pretense is engulfing, the drama intense, and the characters extremely engrossing.  This video essentially sums up 4 amazing seasons and it’s easy to see Walter White’s dark descent into the criminal underworld.  Attached to the classically amazing Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, I dare this video to not send shivers up your spine.

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