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rick and morty 1280

A drawing I did for a friend.  I caught up on Rick and Morty earlier this spring in response to the hype for season 2 coming later this July.  He mentioned that a cross over between Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty might be cool.  I thought it would be cool as well.

More art on the way. I know it’s been just videos lately, but I’m pretty excited about these next projects, so stay tuned!


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Family Guy is definitely one of the few [or maybe too many for an adult] cartoon shows I actually watch.  It’s pretty witty, though I think it gets a little bit too high on itself.  It gets away with blatant racism [or does it?] and it’s pretty nice to actually laugh at such horrible things when no one else is in the room haha.  It also had a lot of staying power.  Can we say that this is our generation’s Simpsons?  I was never truly part of that demographic, but I think Family Guy is definitely for the younger crowd. This awesome article honors some of the favorite supporting characters.  Above is Bruce from Family Guy and I totally read that in his voice.  There is no Mayor West or Giant Chicken, but the list is pretty solid none-the-less.

Favorite Family Guy Supporting Players

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Now what in the hey is this image about?  Does that say Banana Scoop Staff: Ben?  We don’t have a Ben on our team here do we?  Not yet we do!  We have a special announcement to make to you guys at 3:00 EST, so be sure to come back in three hours for the number of changes we’re making to this website!

Approximately 3 Hours

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Wacom Bamboo Create

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