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bc #6 FINAL



Yay another Black Carnival.  In this page we introduce Lady Valora who has had a major character redesign since last time I drew concept art of her.  And of course our main characters have also gone under another character redesign.  As mentioned before, will keep experimenting as I get more and more comfortable with a specific design.  More Black Carnival kinda soon.  Will probably continue to go at this sluggish pace unfortunately.  Too many other things to draw at the same time.

For example, got something cooking up for Halloween.  Let’s hope I can make it in time.

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This is a really freaking cool graphic.  And it’s really freaking big, so I included a preview of the image here and then if you hit more, you can get the humungous image afterwards.  This is from Michael Hobson from Tremulent Design, where he essentially compiles the best of all sci-fi/futuristic movies and puts them onto a timeline.  It ranges from 2012 to as far as year 10191.  I haven’t seen a quite a number of these, so if I don’t recognize the title, I try not to read it to be aware of spoilers.  I also really like that he tells us to ‘prepare’ for the future.  Seeing as 2012 is wrapping up, a pretty quick vampiric pandemic needs to happen if I Am Legend needs to occur.  But maybe this all doesn’t matter if the 2012 disaster actually happens..Bah who are we kidding, no one actually believes that mumbo jumbo do they?

Regardless, this is a really cool graphic and I highly suggest you check out.


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