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bc page 7 800

BOOM! Headshot.  I am digging the way this page is done and the style.  The past four pages have been a roller coaster of quality.  From fully colored to incredibly bland to over artistic to whatever this is.  Well, whatever THIS is is probably the style I’ll be sticking to for a while.  It’s not too time consuming, I think it looks really good, and it’s actually making progress!  Anyways guys, enjoy the page, looking forward to doing more.

Other Notes:

  • continuity is something I’m not really concerning myself with too much right now.  Yes the house looks different from two panel ago, yes the monster looks different from the cover, and yes Gillian’s hair length is changing from page to page.  I am only a man.
  • Stylistically, I’m getting more ambitious, which is a good thing, as long as I don’t abandon quantity too much.  That being said, ‘weekly’ pages are something I’ll try to keep but not promise.




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zaspara take 2 800


A little something I spent a little bit more time and energy on after my stressful week.  I’m experimenting more with the shading and line variation and I think it’s paying off really well, especially in color.  Boy, Zaspara sure has come a long way from this:

Zaspara: https://bananascoop.com/2013/09/22/zaspara/

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Maximillian is a character from my Black Carnival Series

A couple of things worth noting about this post.

  • This is the first image I’ve done in my new program that I’m testing, Manga Studio.  It turns out you can do single ‘panel’ drawings that simply work as canvases.  I’ve decided to start a Black Carnival non-comic related project to begin getting used to the interface so that when I do begin using Manga Studio for comics, I’m not bogged down by not knowing how to color.
  • There is no Black Carnival page this week.  My week was a bit too rough to try to fit in another page.  As a result, I’ve done some rewriting that I think will fit the script much better than I had anticipated.  I hope I can make good on this promise that there will be two pages released next week: a cover page to the next chapter and the first page of the next chapter.
  • I will no longer be doing character descriptions for the art profiles I’m doing because I want to reserve room for changes I want to make and I don’t want to spoil any potential details  pertaining to the story.  As a result, these pictures will largely contain the image itself and the name of the character.
  • And for anyone else paying attention to the comic, there might be a deliverable promise that if I go to no coloring [black and white], I might be able to deliver more pages.  Is this something worth considering or should I continue to do full colored pages?  Let me know in the comments below!


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