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I’m catching up on Naruto and I found Team Guy to be incredibly likable.  Let’s be honest, Lee carries this team.  But the other two aren’t so bad.


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Finally catching up on Naruto and these two are the best.

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For those who don’t know what the 3 point landing is, the video should be clear.  But in case you need reassurance before you watch the minute long video, it’s when any character, movie, television, or video game, falls from a certain height and conveniently land on both feet and one hand on the ground.  I’m assuming you require your hand to absorb some of the shock from you body so it doesn’t all have to go directly to your poor ankles, and instead can forcibly break your wrist.  But that’s beside the point.

There are two aspects to the 3 point landing.  Clearly.  The landing itself and the just as cliche head raise to look the enemy in the eye.  Check out the video above and then immediately jump from you bed and perform the landing and head raising yourself for maximum pleasure.

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