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The Black Circus Series is a fictional carnival imagined by me that hosts a number of exiles, freaks, and undesirables. Old Ben, the manager of this traveling circus is responsible for providing a home to this varied collection of individuals. When Old Ben dies in a mysterious accident, his estranged grandson, Benjamin Jr., is brought in to settle his affairs. There he meets the colorful group of people that accompanied Old Ben in his final hours while he tries to solve the mystery of the one who is responsible for his grandfather’s death.


Cameron Sylvian




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This is the beginning of my new webcomic series labeled Universidaze.  It mainly circles around the life of a couple of students that particularly go to Georgia Tech.  Their experiences can be related to almost every University, but those who understand the hardships and difficulties of Georgia Tech will be able to embrace this series the best.  Regardless, Wednesdays will  officially be the release of every issue, be sure to tune in!

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