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Sorry for the late review, but Labor Day’s kept me pretty busy this time around.

I’ve overall felt that I’ve done a pretty bad job at reviewing Breaking Bad.  As I finished the episode and sat down and wrote my article, I went to some of my favorite other pop culture websites to see what they had to say.  To be quite frank: they’re better than me at this.  They’ve pointed out a numerous amount of things that simply went over my head and that I never would’ve came to conclusion to.  They theorize some of the most absurd but sensical things [oxymoron] and are all around better at discussing Breaking Bad than me.  So instead of riding on their coattails, and claiming their ideas be my own, I direct you to some of the most passionate Breaking Bad watchers out there.

I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did.  It certainly will set up the season finale well and I can’t believe I have to wait 10 whole months for it to happen.

Upproxx Talks Breaking Bad



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