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Sorry for the late review, but Labor Day’s kept me pretty busy this time around.

I’ve overall felt that I’ve done a pretty bad job at reviewing Breaking Bad.  As I finished the episode and sat down and wrote my article, I went to some of my favorite other pop culture websites to see what they had to say.  To be quite frank: they’re better than me at this.  They’ve pointed out a numerous amount of things that simply went over my head and that I never would’ve came to conclusion to.  They theorize some of the most absurd but sensical things [oxymoron] and are all around better at discussing Breaking Bad than me.  So instead of riding on their coattails, and claiming their ideas be my own, I direct you to some of the most passionate Breaking Bad watchers out there.

I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did.  It certainly will set up the season finale well and I can’t believe I have to wait 10 whole months for it to happen.

Upproxx Talks Breaking Bad


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Two more episodes until the ‘season’ finale of Breaking Bad.  I’m assuming this most recent episode is the final set up before the explosive finale.  There are a lot of loose ends to knot up before we get there, and hopefully most of them are finished up before we have to wait an entire year before we see the resolution.  This episode is primarily a quick wrap up of what happened last as what most episodes are, but this we learn a couple of interesting new things that make us guess twice about end game each character is aiming at.  Enough vagueness, read below for the spoiler filled summary and review of the episode.

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