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Not from actual set, duh

From Uproxx

What do they tell us? They tell us that Portia de Rossi and David Cross — who play husband and wife, Lindsay and Tobias Funke — are at the airport, collecting their luggage, and that Michael Bluth is picking them up. Also, that Tobias looks like he’s doing an E.T. impression and Lindsay is still totally bangin’ in the high heels and jeans. Or maybe David Cross and Portia de Rossi are simply flying in from somewhere, and Jason Bateman is picking them up so they can continue to discuss how they’re in cahoots with Nikki Finke and messing with all of America by making up this entire movie.

Key words are Portia de Rossi is still banging, even at age 39.  Anyone else pumped for Arrested Development?  I’ve recently begun watching it again.

Portia De Rossi is Still Kicking It

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