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In the years following the original Arrested Development run comedy nerds — yours truly included — have been going out of their way to point out to anyone who will listen just how brilliant the show is/was. One common way of going about that on the internet is the good ole easter eggs/buried joke/running gag/layered bit list. They’re everywhere. You can get lost for days in the AD Wikia. Even earlier this week our friends at Splitsider put together quite the comprehensive guide to buried jokes that is a must check out for anyone already nervous about their Instant streaming quality come 2013.

And now with David Cross telling Rolling Stone that what Mitch Hurwitz is doing with the revival of the show is so “layered” that it “makes Lost look like a Spalding Grey monologue” I officially have to get in on the action. But I’m not looking to put together a thesis, just an easily digestible crash course to the subtle, layered jokes that anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Bluths should be aware of going into their much-anticipated return.

Arrested Development Trivia Gems

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